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Week 18 - Creation & Collaboration

  • Tweet goals, targets, or learnings from PLCs (K-2)
  • Tweet why 'Making' is important - reference TechShop experience in connection with Makerspaces and students (TechShop Attendees-Tech Team/Leadership Team)

  • Tweet how you differentiate learning in your room
  • Tweet any innovative learning experiences
  • Tweet any response to the articles below
  • Tweet examples of choice in how students show evidence of learning (BONUS)

  • TWEET FREEDOM - Tweet anything awesome!

Don't forget #ReaganRays - We continue to be 'live' on our website! Folks love seeing what we are doing!

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So excited about our Digital Bookstudy on Makerspaces - 'Worlds of Making' COMING SOON! ...books are on their way from AMAZON via drone!

If you have been active on Twitter recently, you might have seen that the author has agreed to join in with us - got some cool ideas to collaborate with you on when the drone arrives!

To those folks not ready for that yet - no worries - ask a team member about it soon! You might totally dig it! :)

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17th Week In Review...

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Absolutely learning is a blend of Tradition and Innovation - but when trying new things or challenging the status quo - remember this when someone tries to hit you with "In the Real World Excuse" - Dare to challenge!

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Stop...Read Something Below...Don't Skip the Opportunity to Look at a New Idea Even If You Disagree (that's called intelligence)

Don't Underestimate Your Power-What You Do Matters

It's a power you can't always see...but I see it and so does this community! What you do, the sacrifices you make...IT MATTERS! :)