By: Jamie Gibbons


I was born on November 8th, 1961 and was born in Screven Georgia. My mothers name was Millie Kirkman, and she told me Ben Wilbanks was by biological father. She said he left us before I was born. But I later learned it was the other way around. Mother started dating a guy named Leon who was brutal and hurt me very often. I dreaded my Mom and Leon's date because he always beat me. So when day after school I got on the wrong school bus on purpose and tried to run away. The parents of a kid who went to my school found me on their porch. They took me back to school. I had failed to escape. Leon continuasly beat me until I just took the pain and didn't feel sorry for myself. I got a job at my uncles farm and helped cut watermelons down and put them on the truck. I did that a lot of over the coming years. I looked up to my Uncle Carol because he taught me how to drive. I went to college but couldn't afford it after one and a half years. I then went to military school.


I went to Boot Camp in Orlando Florida. They didn't care about me at all. I also had to finish with sir at the end of each sentence that I was addressing. I kept on going and working. I finished Hell Week at BUD training with Stephen Templin who is a Professor in Japan right now. I finished my training in Sniper School and went off to Somalia and fought in the battle of Mogadishu. From that point forward I was War Veteran. I helped invade a warehouse of the supplier who helped Somalia's rebels. I did nightly patrols in helicopters. We also tried to invade a factory in humvees and hummers and helicopters. I got shot in the leg and my other leg was almost blown off by a grenade. Many people died that day. To my superiors and my friends I did not dishonor somebody or something. I was hero back in my home town.

Dead or Alive

I am still alive and live in Georgia, my home state. Right now I am a Chiropractic doctor and am helping people that way. I am remembered for the Battle of Mogadashu and for being a Seal Team Six warrior.

Taken From This Story

I think a child could take away to never give up as seen when I wanted to pull the bell during Hell Week or to keep on going when you think you can't for example when I almost lost my leg. Also to addapt for example when I was being hurt by Leon I adappted it and I couldn't feel the pain anymore.