Youth Unemployment The Big Debate

Join the Social Media Debate this Friday 5th June 2015


The All Day Youth Employment Debate
How are young people currently viewed in the employment space ?
Do employers need to do more ?
Do young people have to do more ?
Do the government and Local Authorities need to do more ?
What questions are not being asked ?
What questions are not being answered ?
Should their be more types of apprenticeships ?
Are Schools and Colleges getting young people work ready ?
Are parents doing enough ?
We want to hear from employers, young people, career teams, parents, schools, MP's , anyone that cares.

Youth Unemployment DEBATE

Friday, June 5th, 9:30am-9:30pm

This is an online event.

This friday 5th June 2015 there will be an all day social media debate on Youth Unemployment. As a supporter of everything that is student and the youth voice Educational Excellence and Wellbeing and 4edu would like you to try and participate.

The hashtag# for messages during the debate will be #employme and we ask that you start following @4edchat @eecroydon @davidioee on twitter @4edchat on instagram and like to get the feeds

If you would like to participate using our employability and communications portal sign up to today at and register as user looking for employment, A business with jobs or a school, college or university that needs a creative platform for increasing recruitment opportunities.

See the power of the portal here

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