Mark Twain

The story of Mark Twain

The introduction of Mark twain.

Samuel Langehorn clemens the sixth son of John Marshall also known as Mark twain. The reason that Mark Twain was so famous because he was in most opinion one of the greatest authors and was a very funny comedian. Mark Twain had an interesting life because he was such a great writer that most of his books always stayed paperback. He also had very many accomplishments in his life.

Mark Twain's childhood

Mark Twain was born November 30, 1835.he lived a long life he had four kids Langdon Clemens, Susy Clemens, Clara Clemens, Jean Clemens. his parents are A. John Marshall Clemens, and Jane Lampton Clemens.

The adult life of Mark Twain

Mark Twain grew up to go to Yale collage. Mark married the love of his life Olivia Longehorn Clemens. when he was older he was a comedian for a little wile before becoming a author.

Accomplishments of Person

Mark Twain was a best selling author, He made famous quotes that are still looked back on today, he was a comedian, and he was against racism.

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