How to Save Energy at Home!!

By: Brianna Pichler and Gladys Valero

Turn it Off!!!

One way to save energy at home would be turning off all devices when not in use. Like lights, air conditioners, fans, telivisions, and all other electrical devices and chargers.

More Ways to Save Energy

Be Creative

Find other ways to not use electricity. Instead of using an electrical fan, buy a portable battery operated fan. Playing on your IPad what about a outside game? Anything from books to riding your bike is included. You can save money by also doing all your errands early in the morning.

Energy Saving on Thermostats

The worst tempetures are on summer and winter. The A.C. is cranking up in the almost 100 degree tempetures and the heater is burning up in the negetive degree tempetures. In order to save your money you need a digital programable thermostat set to save energy saving. What says is "You can save money on your heating and cooling bills by simply resetting your thermostat when you are asleep or away from home. You can do this automatically without sacrificing comfort by installing an automatic setback or programmable thermostat." That will be very useful in all the seasons.

Saving Energy by Using a Ceiling Fan

If you thought that using a ceiling fan will be more electric, your'e wrong! You see a ceiling fan uses less electricity than the AC. The fan blades turn and push air downward, creating a downdraft making the room fill a great cold that you won't sweat. Some fans can make a updraft. An updraft is when the fan pushes the warm air of where it is up towards the roof while all the cool air goes below. The mixed air gets pushed outward and down the walls making the place feel warmer. hard to believe it can work as both a heater and a AC.

Laundry Problems

Did you know that using a dryer to dry your clothes causes more heat in your house. Thats why you should hang your clothes up outside to dry. That will really help when its really hot. Remember not to put your clothes out while it raining! Unless you want to wash them. Also make sure to hide all under garments from neighbors. Nobody wants to see your underwear.


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