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New semester begins ...

Looks like summer is over. Hope everyone had a good one! Welcome back to university and wish you all a productive and great year ahead.

What's up this September?

  • Message from the President
  • Member Recruitment Drive info
  • Few words from Amy, OCP of MRD
  • A personal sharing by Sarah
  • Updates of ER by Sulim, FL by Yik Yang, NCR by Van and MarComm by Jerome
  • "Why does every department in AIESEC revolve around exchange?" by ZYuin
  • Updates of oGTP by Jech, PM by Khai Wei and TM by Ah Chow
  • Lesson for the month - Eddie's Comic

Message from the President

I want to challenge you with two questions at the start of our semester.
1. How can AIESEC in UNMC be an inspiration to other entities in AIESEC in Malaysia?
2. How do we ignite the leadership within ourselves and others?

With that being said, I would like to encourage all to be part of this purposeful generation to create leaders of today. Together, let's make our member recruitment a success.


Member Recruitment Drive

Sales Training

Date : To be announced

Venue & Time : To be announced

Clubs & Societies Fair

Date : 7th & 8th October

Venue & Time : To be announced

Why involve in MRD?

  1. You get to engage with freshers and train your pitching and communication skills.
  2. MRD is crucial is finding the new blood of AIESEC UNMC, which they will be the movement of the organization to a greater height.
  3. Share your AIESEC story, why should they join AIESEC and AIESEC have brought to you. Your story be impacting the youth in promoting AIESEC's vision in a personal way- which is the best way to sell AIESEC !

Throwback to last year's MRD ...

Greetings Super Notties! MRD OC has been working really hard this summer with tight deadlines and high expectations in organizing a successful member recruitment drive. We have applied many rules of the science of persuasion in marketing to ensure we ace the recruitment drive! Watch it here if you're interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFdCzN7RYbw

So please stay tuned for interesting initiatives from the OC!

Meanwhile, please be actively involved in assisting our MRD because everyone in the LC carries the responsibilities in recruiting the right talents with right mindsets (who will also be our future family)! You can assist AIESEC UNMC throughout the MRD by signing up at our booth helper doodle and marketing materials preparation team (coming soon!).


OC President

Member Recruitment Drive 2014

Corporate Relations

This is my 4th year in AIESEC, I've never encountered such a challenging job until I joined Corporate Relations (CR) where through the journey, it breaks me down, my confidence was once crashed and I picked up myself along the journey. We often label CR as one of the most challenging and difficult department where uncertainty happens, technically nothing is under your control from cold calling, appointments, processing visa etc (ask any CRian, they will tell you).

This department truly taught me what is crisis management, how to handle emotions and what is professionalism. Every appointment I've attended, I learn new things, be it the advice given by the HR/CEO/founder or the failure of not forming partnership successfully.

Every single process is hard for us but what I truly believe in what we do which is that we are the facilitators of the process and experience for the EP and company. The EP find their second home in Malaysia and enjoy what they are doing, the company is happy with performance of EPs or able to create value and experience with AIESEC.

To able to allow Malaysians to know about other nationalities, enable company to have whole new perspective from foreign employee and provide amazing culture and experience for the EPs is always what I believe.

This is simply what we are striving for,

"AIESEC UNMC practice what they preach. No matter where you are coming from, once you immerse yourself into the AIESEC UNMC culture and become friends with them, you will realise those are the type of people you would like to surround yourself with. They are really special, highly talented and no doubt some of the future leaders of Malaysia."

- Plamen Savov, EP working in Maslow trainers and consultancy Sdn. Bhd.

Personally, I brought my EPs home during Chinese New Year and introduce them to my family. I just wanted them to know what so amazing their country and how small this world can be!

I believe my CRians have lots to share, the disappointments, rejection from not recieving replies etc. However, I believe we all come together for a purpose, to provide best experience to the company, EP and even to ourselves.

I am thankful for my team for putting so much hard work and being stressful most of the time. Much love for you guys.


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External Relations

Updates & Special Mentions

  • Let's welcome another two ER members on board, Douglas and Hau Jie! *fireworks*. Even with a smaller ER team this term, we believe in our capabilities and determinations to strive for excellent performance for AIESEC UNMC!

  • ER is meeting learning partners to provide us insightful training and supports in organizational management and to create a long term partnership value for both organizations.

  • We are partnering up with a few departments and programmes in UNMC for greater exposure of AIESEC products.

  • The team ER in LLDS OC, Douglas and Patricia, is also gearing up to get sponsors, sponsors and sponsors(ssssss) for a financially well-supported conference!

AIESEC UNMC will be back in action on campus veryyyy soon! ER would like to share to every members here what keeps us going on in doing sales because we believe it applies to everyone too.

"Success is the culmination of failures, mistakes, false starts, confusion, and the determination to keep going anyway." - Nick Gleason


Finance & Legislations

Updates & Special Mentions

  • Please welcome our new member Cindy Loi on board. FL currently is in FULL TEAM!! WOOTS!!!

  • I would like to use this opportunity to thank Vincent Wong for his efforts in handling reimbursements when I was on exchange and also Shermaine Siew on managing reimbursements for CR department.

  • I wish our OC Finance of MRD and LLDS, Vincent and Ming Kim ALL THE BEST in your finance operations!

And last but not least, our term is starting soon, finally! Let’s rock our awesome term and get more and more money. $$$$ :P

Yik Yang

Marketing & Communications

  • Introducing our 3 new senior executive in MarComm. Introducing Amelia the Awesome, the Delicious Darshana and the Humorous Huiyee.

Being a MarCommer is not an easy task as most of the time, people would ask what do you guys even do, frail no more as in this coming term, MarCommes will be the main drivers to lead the growth of LC UNMC. This is the reason why we are the Tankers, who charges to the front with full strength and power. ANTICIPATE IT!

~ Jerome

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The Way of AIESEC

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Non Corporate Relations

NCR is on the stage now!!!!! *Wootssss

Updates & Special Mentions

  • First of all, we proudly say that the digitalized feedback form for EPs has been already out and implied. This feedback form was designed by Director of Intern Management Sok Sian *clap clap clap*. From now on, feedback from EPs will be collected and stored in form of documentation for promoting materials for iGCDP in the future :D Is that all? Definitely not Hehe :D Stay tuned for more initiates from this awesome team yeah!

  • Secondly, MoU for project Eco Basket with new NGO eHomemakers is already signed. This is South East Asia’s only community network that promotes working from home, teleworking and the running of SOHO businesses through the use of information and communications technology. Hmmm….. Sounds so interesting, right? *wink wink*. Kindly visit their home page here if you want more information. http://www.ehomemakers.net/en/index.php

  • Many thanks to VP CR Sarah and Mr LCP Peter for introducing this NGO and not to forget the tireless effort of Director of Feedback and Expansion Mun Chun in following up the forming partnership process in a short time. *clap clap clap*.

  • The first 2 EPs of the new project Eco Basket are expected to be realized on 1st November 2014. More and more EPs are coming to Malaysia. Excited? Ready? :D Don’t miss out opportunities to bond with our EPs in the near future!

  • Last but not least, the very first batch of EPs who were 100% matched and realized by team NCR 1415 will end their project real soon. They had the good time in Malaysia. They made international friendship. They left positive impacts on children and good impression on people in NGO. And they really have one of the best experiences ever.

  • One of EPs, Amina from Morocco shared: “This project meets my expectations and even more because it was a real cultural exchange and sharing of emotions with children. The servicing was excellent and I always feel that AIESEC members are here to help us especially Mun Chun and Sok Sian, they were so kind with me and helpful a lot, and Mun Chun was always here if I need him, even the last day he bought medicine for me because I was sick. That was awesome. Overall experience is amazing, the best experience of my entire life.
  • Seeing how EPs learn and grow throughout project is really amazing. So what are you waiting for? JOIN US!

Finally, I would like to thank my wonderful team Mun Chun and Sok Sian. Everything definitely would go wrong without you guys. You guys put more than 200% effort in this to make everything happen. I’m speechless and can’t find good enough words to present my appreciation for your contribution. Deeply from my heart, thanks a lot for bearing with me so far. Thanks for going through all hardship and still remain commitment with NCR family. Thanks for tireless working in delivering those experiences to EPs. Thanks for endless encouragement to me. Thanks for being an important puzzle in my AIESEC journey. So proud of you.


Outgoing Global Ambassador Program

"WHY does every department in AIESEC revolve around EXCHANGE?"

We've been talking a lot about driving exchanges. For almost everything we do, we do for the growth and sustainability of EXCHANGE.

BUT! Not knowing WHAT is the big picture behind every department's existence and collaboration? Wondering WHAT is the motivation behind every X-warriors hardwork?

Now let's have an insight on

AIESEC exchange value propositions.

AIESEC exchange aims to provide experiential learning with a feature of all of these value propositions:

*Cultural Immersion Experience*
Change of Culture, Different Lifestyle, Local Connections, Travel Enhancing.

*Social Impact Experience*
Issue Based, Work Delivery (medium of impact), Impact Felt.

*Social Connection Experience*

Connections with local AIESECers, international EPs, and locals.
*Support Experience*

Exchange Process Support, Exchange Quality Standards, Training & Preparation, Local Supports.

*Experiential Learning*

Personal Development (through self-driven participation)

and you ask, HOW?

Now have a look at one of our very own returning EP sharing about her exchange journey.


Wong Yi Shan ... goes to Taiwan!

For the very first time in my life, I travelled to another country without a companion. It sounds hard at first especially to my family as it was just like a mission impossible to them. Somehow, I made it and reached home safe with a BETTER ME......

Click the link below for the rest of Yi Shan's experience and to find out more stories.


Outgoing Global Talent Program


  1. For oGIP, our MCVP changed! Now we have only MC Director of oGIP who is Jane Lee. (https://www.facebook.com/janelee.9206).
  2. The SOP for oGIP is 90% done. So I will release it after it's finalized 100%.
  3. ER, oGCDP, oGIP and MarComm might be joining Exchange Fairs in UNMC.

A sad incident happened. Chong Po Ee, a Chemical Engineering student who was also one of our EPs, passed away in a bus accident in Alaska while she was Work and Travel in US.


Project Management

The 10 EPs who were with us completed their project and left Malaysia and other than that there's nothing much from PM this month.

Khai Wei

Talent Management

As VPTM I would like to thank the two OC teams for working hard and making preparations even before semester starts :) My department will be assisting you guys as much as possible so that we can achieve what we already set from the beginning, stay strong guys! <3

MRD 2014

OCP: Amy Kok Yet Lin (MarComm)

OC Finance/Legalities: Vincent Wong (FL)

OC Marketing: Amelia Teh (MarComm)

OC Info Session: Lor Jia Jun (TM)

OC Assessment: Janet Khoo (TM)

LLDS 2014

OCP: Yen Yong
OC FA: Ming Kim
OC Logistics: Aaron WK, Lee Hui Yee
OC ER: Douglas Leong, Patricia Chin
OC Delegates Servicing: Louise Hoh, Tommy Arifin

1. First AIESEC Gathering

YAY!! We have going to have our very first AG of the term this coming Tuesday which is the 23rd of September. The details will be announced on the facebook group, please stay tuned!

2. EP Party

TM, OGX and MarComm is organising a welcoming EP party in this coming Wednesday which is 24th of September! The event will be only open to the AIESEC-ers and non-AIESEC-ers that just came back from exchange, others that would like to join please go for an exchange next time! :P

Ah Chow

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Lesson for the month - Eddie's Comic

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