Case Study

Cadient Boosts KOL Engagement

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Key Opinion Leader Engagement


A leading global medical device company tasked Cadient Group with improving communications between field‐based sales representatives and their customers.

  • The goal was to increase brand and product engagement among KOLs and supporting HCPs and provide the sales team with relevant information to improve the effectiveness of follow up communication.


Cadient Group created a sophisticated registration-­‐based HCP destination to provide KOLs and their support staffs with 24x7 access to the brand information that was most important to them.

  • Built using Cadient’s OneVoice Community platform, the portal provides KOLs and HCPs with “on demand” access to clinical and product information, patient education materials, practice optimization resources, and marketing materials.

The portal empowers sales representatives with the intelligence and ability to identify customer needs with digital tools, monitoring, insights, and analytics while expanding the frequency and reach of their communication with an integrated, secure messaging system.


Within one year of its launch, Cadient’s HCP Portal solution:

  • Increased engagement and frequency among HCP customers on the site, with an average of 21 return visits and multiple downloads per visit.

  • Drove 89 percent registration among targeted KOLs and expanded sales team’s reach to nearly 5,000 highly engaged customers.

  • Provided sales team with actionable insights from KOL activity.

The HCP Portal allowed sales representatives to build relationships with more than 4,000 registered healthcare professionals and staff – creating an easier path to personal selling access. Companies that used the Cadient’s HCP portal had a 3% higher growth rate versus similar companies that did not use the portal.