The Northeast Region

Why would you live here?


The question is not "Why would you live here?" the question is "Why wouldn't you move here?" I mean the Northeast has got so much to give and so much to see that I would ask myself "What am I waiting for, why wouldn't I want to move here?" The Northeast Region has so many states to choose from to live in. So what are you waiting for? MOVE ALREADY?!?!?!


Historic Site:

Liberty Bell, Statue of liberty, Tacony Music Hall, Ryerss Mansion, Frankford Avenue Bridge, 26th district Police and Patrol Station.

National museums, monument, and parks:

Yellowstone National park, Liberty Bell, Elfreth's alley, Philadelphia museum of art, Franklin Institute, National Constitution center, Eastern state, and Kimmel center.

Professional Sports Teams:

Soccer: New England Revolution- Foxborough, Massachusetts

New York Red Bulls- Harrison, New Jersey

Basketball: Boston Celtics- Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Nets- New York, New York (Brooklyn)

Hockey: Manchester Monarchy- Manchester, New Hampshire

Providence Bruins- Providence, Rhode Island

Baseball: Philadelphia Phillies- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Pirates- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Lacrosse: Rochester Rattles- Rochester, New York

Buffalo Bandits-Buffalo, New York


Population size: 1,722,862 approximately

Immigrants today are more than 1 million immigrants come from all different places (mostly from Asia and Latin America)

The backgrounds of the people their: There really isn't just one background setting in the Northeast Region. The reason being is because of how many immigrants that have come into New York make the Northeast such a diverse place that there are more than one main background. I believe that the Northeast is a huge melting pot. Which is great for our country because now there is more diversity and more population that being a good and bad thing. Mainly Northeast the one word that pops into my head when I hear Northeast region is diversity.


Over all if you have not decided that you have to live here than you are nuts. I believe that you would not be disappointed if you moved here. the job opportunities are endless and there are so many diversities that you will never feel left out. Also there is always something fun to do and you can always learn about our history their. Hopefully I have persuaded you to move to the Northeast.