The Religion Islam

By Eli Stroup

Islam Today

Today with 1.62 billion followers, Islam is the second most practiced religion today, right behind Christianity.It is split into two groups of Muslims (people who practice Islam), called Sunnis and Shiites. Right now most of Islam is focused in the middle east region. This, along the with the rise of terrorist groups like the Taliban and ISIS have given Islam a very violent stereotype and a very controversial role. Almost all Muslims are non-extremist, which means they are not like ISIS and other terrorist groups.

The Beginning and Spread of Islam

Islam is believed to have originated in the ancient city of when a young man named Muhammad had a sudden revelation while meditating. He received a message form Allah, that he was to spread the word, and form a new religion that worshiped Allah, Islam.

Becoming a Major Religion

Muhammad was not successful at first. He soon decided to move to the city of Medina to spread his ideas there. When he arrived in Medina he quickly became a powerful religious and political leader. Eventually he commanded a huge army, which he used to defend Islam and soon he converted all of Medina and Mecca to Islam.

The Focuses of Islam

Islam has five major pillars:






These are the main focuses of Islam and are practiced by all Muslims today.