Behind the Sun Movie Analysis

By: Andrew Whitlock

Pacu and His Book by the Tree

Concrete- The book in Pacu’s hand is a symbol of a sense of freedom and childhood innocence in a place and time where both of those things were far from easy to attain. Pacu is no older than ten, and in his life has worked harder, and has more responsibility than the majority of teenagers. This book (his first book ever) gives him the freedom to think, to use his childlike imagination, even if the way he has to live is far beyond his years.

Concrete- The old, burned tree that Pacu is leaning on in this shot is his place of freedom and innocence during the movie. Whether he is exploring new and unnatural worlds through reading, or “flying” on his swing, this burned tree allows Pacu to experience more than he ever could alone.

Abstract- The director, in this scene, is trying to convey the idea that no love or enjoyment, in this movie, can come without some sort of struggle or suffering. The tree itself, that Pacu finds so much happiness in, has suffered in its own, as it has been burned. Also, Pacu puts up a struggle just to be able to “read” his book as neither of his parents ‘supports him in his venture.

Abstract- the director is also foreshadowing to another “story” which is the one Pacu begins to tell in the opening scene, tells throughout the movie, and finishes once and for all in the final scene of the movie.