All about How a Compass works!!!

By: Chana Davis

the first few step for using a compass

steps 1.2.3...


1. for step one you need a compass and you need to know the basics of the compass.

2. you need to know wear your at on a map and know which direction your going.

3. Place the compass flat on your palm and your palm in front of your chest. Place the map on a flat surface and place the compass on the map to get a more accurate reading signal.

4. find out which direction your facing.Turn the degree dial until the orienting arrow lines up with the magnetic arrow, pointing them both North, and then find the general direction you're facing by looking at the direction of travel arrow.

5. once you have flowed all theses steps you are ready to travel. Travel the direction you want to go Continue moving in this direction hold the compass in the proper stance, turn your body until the north end of the magnetic needle once again ligns up with the orienting needle, and follow the direction of travel arrow. same step