CIES Wednesday Envelope

for Elementary Staff--December 17, 2014

In This Issue:

  • Clarification around grading "Reads Grade Level Text Independently"
  • TedEd: Lessons to Use or Create
  • 7 Teacher Tips for Surviving the Week Before Winter Break

Grading "Reads Grade Level Text Independently" on the Report Card

The Reading markReads grade level text independently” describes a student's independent reading level compared with a typical student at the same grade level (see descriptions below). This mark tells you whether or not the student is reading at grade level. A student receiving a 3 in this area reads and comprehends grade-level text. A student receiving a 1 or 2 is having difficulty and is below grade-level. A student receiving a 4 can read and comprehend text that is above his or her grade level. Click here for Reading Level Guide.

Ways to determine reading level:

  • Observation during small group instruction
  • Running record
  • Reading conferences

Resources: Reading Level Guide, Correlation Chart

What's new on TED-Ed...

TedED- Lessons Worth Sharing

The Ted ED website allows you to adapt and edit any lesson featured on TED-Ed, or create lessons from scratch around any YouTube video.

Here is a sampling of the videos/lessons already created. Check them out!

Contributions of Female Explorers

The Mighty Mathematics of the Lever

How Do Germs Spread and How Do they Make Us Sick?

Overcoming Obstacles

The True Story of Sacajawea

How to Defeat a Dragon with Math (PEMDAS)

Surviving the Week Before Break

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