The Plight of Displaced People

It's important.

What Needs to Be Done!

There's such an abundant amount of displaced people in the world, but a little goes a long way. Donating to little causes that we pass by on the daily, Christmas toy drives, Thanksgiving food drives, giving a one dollar bill to a homeless person, and so much more! Anything can and will help to give these people another day to live.

Just Some of The Heart-breaking Stories

In Syria, many, many families are left stranded on so called 'streets.' Buildings are burnt, roads are cracked and muddy. No purified and clean water, or even food.

In Israel, soldiers hold innocent citizens captive. If they're lucky, they won't be tortured or starved to death.

In Australia, many children don't have education. They're made to do work.

In Haiti, people live in shacks, sleep in garbage bags for beds, eat very little once a day, and have at most 2 sets of clothing.

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