By Kyle and Cole

What is biofuel?

Biofuel is a renewable resource, it is a transportation fuel that is made from biomass materials around the world such as corn.

Why should you use biofuel?

-Using ethanol or biodiesel saves fossil fuels and it produces fewer air pollutants.

-As fossil fuels continue to be used they will become more expensive, so in the near future biofuels will be cheaper than fossil fuels.

-Biodiesel is better for engines, it increases the efficiency of the engine and its life span.

How is biofuel made?

Biofuel is made from natural oils plants like oil palm, soybeans, or algae and can be burned in a diesel engine.

How was biofuel invented?

Biodiesel was invented in the 1890s by Rudolf Diesel. During World War II when fossil fuels were scarce, people turned to biofuels to power their engines because there was more of it, so it was cheaper.