Sammy Davis Jr.

The Legendary Report on a Legendary Person

From Start, to Finish

Sammy Davis Jr. was an extraordinary man, not only was he a Actor but he was also Dancer, Singer, and a Comedian. But to know the whole story, You have to go from start, to finish.

The Life of Mr. Sammy Davis Jr.


Sammy Davis Jr. was born on December 8th, 1925, In New York City. When Davis was 3 his parents broke up and he stayed with his dad, Since his dad was a entertainer for a dance troupe they were on the road a lot, and since they were always on the road, Sammy din't get a proper education his dad occasionally hired tutors.

A Postponed Trip

In the 1930s not only did he become a dancer, but he also became a skilled singer. But unfortunately, his career was postponed due to the horrendous battle of world war 2 so Mr. Davis was drafted into the Army. During his service, he experienced a lot of racial harassment and abused by his fellow soldiers. Eventually Sammy finally found an entertainment regiment so he could feel safe but also doing what he loved

The Start of a true Legend

When the war ended, He returned to his regular showbiz life. His career rised in 1947 when the trio opened for Frank Sinatra at the Capitol Theatre in New York City. Davis got a recording contract in 1954.

An Eye for an Eye

Later that year after he got his contract he was driving to Los Angeles when he got into a car accident that took out his eye, But davis's injury didn't slow him down, In 1955 he released 2 successful albums