• There is a muck fire all the time
  • Paul sees things that his parents don't believe
  • Lightning strikes at the same time every night
  • Soccer tryouts are September 1st
  • Pau's dad only cares about the Erik Fisher Football Dream
  • Paul starts his first day at a new school
  • Paul makes the soccer team and surprises one of team members
  • Lightning struck Mike Costello
  • Mick Costello is dead
  • Erik and Author were laughing about the death of Mike

Unfortunate Events

It was another day of football practice at Lake Windsor High School. Football player talking each other to the ground for a ball, then it's considered a victory. But there was no victory at the high school the afternoon of September 5th. Mike Costello died during practice. A supposed lightning bolt struck him. He went flying across the field and died in mid-air. People went wild, running over to him seeing if he was ok, if there was still a breath inside him. Why Mike such a smart, nice, talented, athletic young man? There was in fact no room for him in the Erik Fisher's football dream. Is that why he died? Is that why Erik and Author were so amused after? The real question is why was there lightning? There was no rain, no thunder. Maybe only Paul can answer that.

Sign Up for Soccer

There are 5 requirements to be on the soccer team at Lake Windsor Middle that are listed below.

  1. You must have a team uniform
  2. You can only miss 3 practices (except excused practices)
  3. You must be at all but 1 game
  4. You must have a parents signature
  5. You must provide your own cleats, knee pads, elbow pads, ect.
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Paul Fisher vs. Erik Fisher

Erik is the the big thing, all anyone want to talk about is his football. Then, there's Paul standing in the shadow of his older, bigger bother. He's trying to work his way up when the people he want to notice him doesn't. I mean there are some similarities between the two, its not like there polar opposites. Besides the fact that there blood reated they both enjoy sports. Although, there dad is all over Erik giving no room for Paul. I take it back they might be polar opposites. Erik is North, ever thing going his way, having an easy breezy time in the sky. While Paul on the other hand is South, having to try so hard, like he is stuck in the dirt below his brother. Might I add Erik's future is planed out for him, no blurs in the way. Mean while, Paul is noticing some weird thing going in in his town. It sounds to me like it isn't easy being Paul Fisher, but being Erik Fisher is a different story.


MOYA is the month of young adolescents. In Tangerine there are some issues dealing with young adolescents. First, Paul is feeling less than Erik because all any one cares about is The Erik Fisher Football Dream. Also, it seems that no one pays any attention to his soccer, there for Paul is jealous of his super stare brother. Next, Paul's friend Joey experiencing a death in his family, his brother, Mike Costello. This tragedy that can happen to any one. The causing of this event had an effect of making Joey sad. Lastly, Paul is going to a new school this year, with new students, new teachers, new every thing. Many teens have to handle this adjustment. Some student in this situation feel nervous, scared, sad, and even mad. These are some situations that young adolescents have to deal with.