Human Body Corporation


by; Carley lePore , Yvonna Ramirez , Jessica Ericksom


vertebraes function

The vertebaes function is to protect the spinal cord the "information highway of the body",from getting damaged.the vertbaes location in down the center of the back .the vertebrae works really closley with the nevous system by protecting the spinal cord

5 fun facts about the vertebae founf from

*the vertebae is composed of four curves

*the vetebae protects the the spinal cord

*the vertebae is composed of 33 different bones

*the vertebae has cartalage between each bone

*the vertebae is normally curved in an "s" shape

the 5 fun facts about the nervous system found from

*the nervous system basic function is to send signals from one cell to another

*the nervous system contains 2 parts: central,peripheral

*the nervous system contains the brian,spinal cord and retina

*the nevous system sends out eletrical waves

*the nervous system speaks to othe parts through synapesen

The vertebrae is vital to the body because it protects the spinal cord from getting damaged and if there was no vertebrae the whold body would nat be able to function because the spinal cord woulsd not be able to sentd out messages if it were dammaged.

what would happen if there was no vertebrae

Well your spinal cord would be in danger and soon develop Peripheral Neuropathy

what sould we remove?

I would suggest removing the ears and then all humans would just have to learn sign language.


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