Food for Thought

April 30th

Ready to Analyze MAP Results?

Engaged to be Effective

Using math talk!

Sometimes it's the little things that can make a big difference!

Math can be incorporated throughout your day. Count how many steps it takes to get to the library, create an equation for the number of books the girls checked out compared to the boys, or even count pieces of artwork hanging on the wall while walking to a special (great way to teach how arrays can help you count faster!).

Watch how Mrs. Galloway uses math during her lunch count!

You Rock!

  • Annablel rocks for helping me with the 2nd grade music program. Thanks for staying late and being SO generous with your time!
  • Sharman rocks for working hard with the second graders and putting on a great performance!
  • Sarah Galloway totally rocks for planning and organizing all of the volunteer gifts!


  • PTA rocks for all the nice things they do for the staff.

  • Thanks to anyone who took the time to come out and see the Third Grade Fairy Tale Projects! You Rock! ~Third Grade Team

  • Bonnie rocks for doing a great job while Stephanie has been out. She quickly got to know each child and their needs making it an easy transition for everyone. It was fun working with her again!

  • You rock Pamela, Barb, Liz, Diana, and Michelle for being supportive and open minded during solution finding meetings. Thank you all!

    You rock Mary Mathey for your continuous passion for our students and their art experience!

    You rock Erika, Gisela, and Julian for putting up with me! What a support system! xxxooo

  • M@M rock for making us feel special during Teacher Appreciation Week!

  • Heather rocks for going to the CAC meeting for me. Thanks!!!!! ~ peg

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