Lamar orange

what college i will attend

When its time for me to go to college i am going to Lamar orange, i am going for the nursing program

Each year at lamar is 7,000, that is not including the books, you have to rent/buy

How to contact the college

You can contact lamar orange by, going to thier office inside the main building, calling them, or emailing, there are several ways to get ahold of lamar

How to get accepted

To attend lamar orange, you have to have someone write you a letter to approve that you want to get in that college, when the college gets the letter, they will call and set a appointment, and ask why you want to attend that college.

What you have to do to get in

Most colleges make you take a test to get in, but not lamar, its a community college, you don't have to take a test to get accepted
You dont have to take a test to get in the college, but if you want to get in a certain program, and they make you take a test to get you in