Interview with Allyson King

By Kaitlynn King

Allyson king is a Nagle student here and now she is almost finishing her education at school. So today I am going to interview her today

Q1- Allyson, how long have you bee at school for

I have been at Nagle for 5years and now I'm finishing my education.

Q2- Has anything changed to the school? eg- teachers, education.

Nothing really has changed while I was here at Nagle

Q3- Have you got into any mischief/trouble at School

No I haven't got into any mischief or trouble at school or from any teachers.

Q3- If you have any children in the future would you send them to Nagle?

I have no idea but if I do I might think of it sending them to Nagle

Q4- When you finish school what would you like to do?

Well when I finish school I want to go to university but I don't know what I want to do after that

Q5- Do you have any funny memories

Yes I do. I have a funny memory of when I was in Italian. I always got told off because I got to high on lollies

Q6-Thank you for the interview

It's my pleasure and thank you for interviewing me