Northstar Nation Updates

CNS - Summer 2022

Welcome Back!

We are so excited to welcome everyone back to school in September! We can't wait to get the year started with all of you!

Back to school letters were mailed out this week to all parents, so be on the look out if you haven't gotten anything yet.

Please visit our website for the most up-to-date information!

August 31st - Student Walk through

On Wednesday, August 31st, CNS will be open from 9:00am - 6:00pm for students to follow their schedules on school tool and find their classrooms. Students are encouraged to attend the walk through so they know where their classes are on the first day of school.

10th graders can pick their chromebooks up at this time

Student Passwords

As a matter of routine, IT will be resetting student passwords to their defaults on August 22. Students should know how to determine their default password, but in case they have forgotten, instructions will be sent to students and parents/guardians. Students and parents will also receive a pop-up message with instructions when they log into their SchoolTool accounts prior to August 22. Additionally, GENERAL information about the reset is posted on the district website.

IT has also created a password reset request form that parents and students can use if they run into an issue. That form will be available on the District website homepage after August 22.

School Times

This year school will begin at 7:35 am with dismissal being at 2:00 pm. Our first bell in the morning will ring at 7:30 am indicating that students will have five minutes to get to their first class. It is going to be very important that students are on time to school. Those seniors who have a parking pass that drive are encouraged to be at their parking spots by 7:25 am, this will allow them time to get into the parking lot with traffic and into the building so they are on time for class.

We will offer extra help for core area courses from 7:15-7:30 am every day for students to attend. We will also offer breakfast from 7:15-7:30 am.

First Day

The first day of school is Wednesday, September 7th. Seniors and Juniors will be dismissed at 10:26 while the sophomores will stay the entire day.

Once the seniors and juniors leave, sophomores will go through sophomore orientation and they will have an opportunity to meet all of their teachers.

Medication Drop off

Please be advised that the health office will be open on Thursday September 1st and Tuesday September 6th for medication drop off. Medication forms and instructions are available on the CNS Health office website:

Parent Pick-up and Drop off

At the bottom of this page is a PDF that shows where drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon is located. It is very important that parents do not drive into the student parking lot during these times. Our parking lot is very congested especially in the afternoon and it only adds to the congestion when we have additional vehicles trying to get out.

In the morning, we will not allow students into the building until 7:15 a.m.

Parent pick up and drop off during the school day is located at the main entrance by the flag pole.

Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast will be served each day from 7:15 am-7:30 am. The price for breakfast is $2.25.

Lunches will be served each day and the price will be $3.50. Milk will be available for purchase for $.70.

Unfortunately, we will not allow outside food to be dropped off at security for students to pick up (McDonalds, Dunkin, etc).

Morning Extra Help

Every morning we will have extra help in our core area classes from 7:15-7:30 am. Below is the list of courses and locations.

English - room 214

Living Environment -room 269

Earth Science - room 272

Social Studies - room 114

French - room 304

Spanish - room 303

Math - room 309

Fall Play

CNS is proud to announce our fall play, the off-broadway sensation-Puffs!!!

We need to fill the following positions:

Student director, student producers, Harry Potter Historians, Makeup Artist, Actors, Set design/Builders, Graphic Artists, Painters, Program designers, marketing director and costume designers.

We want your talents!

Auditions/Interviews will take place on September 14th and 15th!

See the announcement at the bottom of this page

Spirit Days/Paige's Pajamarama

Friday, September 23rd-Homecoming football game against Liverpool-Wear your Northstar colors and gear!!!

Spirit Week:

Monday, October 3rd - Superhero

Tuesday, October 4th - Style Swap

Wednesday, October 5th - Dress for your favorite holiday

Thursday, October 6th - Multiplicity day!

Friday, October 7th - Pajama day for Paige's Pajamarama!

Paige’s Pajamarama is a charity event allowing students to wear their pajamas to school when making a donation to Paige's Butterfly Run, Inc., an organization which supports children with pediatric cancer at Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital.

In 2019, C-NS students challenged Liverpool High School students to raise more money for Paige’s Pajamarama by creating a challenge video, which went viral. While the 2019 challenge was initially only for the high schools, involvement grew and the event expanded to all schools in both districts.

Again this year the North Syracuse and Liverpool school districts reached out to the West Genesee, Baldwinsville, East-Syracuse Minoa and Fayetteville-Manlius districts to partner in the competition. North Syracuse, West Genesee, and Baldwinsville districts teamed up as the Star Alliance and the Liverpool, Fayetteville-Manlius and East-Syracuse Minoa districts came together as the Warrior Alliance.

Donations will be collected in the morning on Friday, October 7th and at the football game against Liverpool, Friday night.

CNS Bookstore-online ordering

Need some new CNS merch?

Check out the link below to order!!

School Counselor Information

If you have any concerns about your child, please reach our to their school counselors. We are here to help!

House 1 Counseling (Ms. Heffron, Ms. Mack, Ms. Nappi) 315-218-4107

House 2 Counseling (Mr. Breindel, Ms. Kwilos, Ms. Scarcella) 315-218-4207

House 3 Counseling (Ms. Catera, Ms. Lawrence, Ms. Murphy) 315-218-4307

School Pictures

School pictures for sophomores and juniors will take place September 19th-22nd. Students will be pulled out of their social studies classes to take them. More specific information will be coming in September regarding specific dates and ordering information.

Senior Pictures

This year, Upstate Images took senior portraits for free July 18-22 (a letter regarding this went home in end of the year junior report cards). However, if you have chosen to use another professional photographer, the deadline to submit your portrait Saturday, October 1st. If senior portraits are not submitted by the October 1st deadline, seniors will still be able to have their pictures taken by Upstate Images in school October 17-21st.

It is the responsibility of the senior and their parents to make sure the photographer (if using one other than Upstate Images) has the link so he/she can submit the photo to the CNS Yearbook:

It is also your responsibility to see if your portrait was received by the CNS Yearbook.



For the last 2 years, the yearbook staff has relied on students and families to submit photos and surveys and it's worked out great. Please be on the lookout for emails and/or texts requesting photos for various events throughout the year.

When can I pre-order a yearbook?

We will start taking pre-orders on Thursday, October 6th at Meet the Teacher night at CNS.

Yearbooks this year will be $65. We will continue preorders until December 22nd in room 318 before school using cash or checks. must be used for credit cards. The price will increase to $70 on January 1st and pre-orders can only be done online until February 28th.


If you have a question on yearbook sales, please email Amy Furletti at For any other questions regarding the yearbook, email Joe Farranto at

Meet the Teacher Night

This year we will be holding our meet the teacher night at CNS on Thursday, October 6th from 6:00-7:30. We look forward to having parents join us on this night at the high school. Parents will be able to drop into teacher's classrooms as you wish. Please bring a copy of your student's school tool schedule so you know which teacher's rooms to visit.

Mental Health

The School Mental Health Association in New York State (MHANYS) has recorded a webinar for parents: Mental Health Essentials for Back to School.

If you are looking for ways to support your student as they gear up for a new year, then join MHANYS Family Education Specialist, Whitney Closson for the latest installment in the Family Education Webinar series: Mental Health Essentials for Back to School. We will share helpful resources, conversation starters and self esteem boosters to help start the school year feeling confident and with a wellness mindset.

The webinar can be viewed here:

Class of 2023

Students will be given a Google classroom code on the first day of school in homeroom. Once they join the google classroom, they will have access to all senior class updates.

We will be doing two senior clothing sales, one before Christmas and one in the spring. Our main fundraiser will be the sale of senior signs which will begin in April.

We look forward to a great senior year culminating in Senior Ball, Senior Picnic and Graduation!

Class of 2023 website:

Class of 2024

The Class of 2024 is about to start their Junior year. Currently there is a bottle and can fundraiser going and that will continue throughout the entire year. To participate, please take bottles and cans to the redemption place in the Walgreens plaza in Cicero and just say to put it on the CNS Class of 2024 account.

For future fundraisers for the year, information will be posted to the CNS Class of 2024 Google Classroom page (the join code is on our Class of 2024 website), posted on the Class of 2024 website, and given through monthly parent updates and daily announcements during school hours for students. With the Junior prom rounding out our year in May and in an effort to keep ticket prices down, we encourage participation from all juniors in the fundraisers.

Any questions or fundraising ideas, please email Kerry McPhillips( or Michelle Demauro (

Class of 2024 website:

Health Office


New York State Education Law requires that all students entering 11th grade and all students who are new to the district have a physical examination by a NY State Licensed Provider. All physicals must on the NYS Health Examination Form or the required health record equivalent

  • This certificate must be provided to the school nurse within 30 days of the start of school.
  • Acceptable health certificates may be dated anytime within 12 months prior to the start of the 2022/2023 school year (September 7, 2021or later).
  • If your child has a physical scheduled, please notify the health office of the appointment date.

*If a copy of a physical or a physical appointment date is not received a physical exam will be conducted at school by a BOE appointed health care provider **


  • Meningococcal Vaccine is required for all students entering 12th grade. Proof of immunization must be received no later than 14 days after the start of school.
  • Students not meeting all immunization requirements will not be able to attend school after 9/21/2022*


Medications may be given at school if the following conditions are met:

  • Any medication to be taken in school (prescription or over-the-counter) must be brought to the Health Office in it's original container by a parent or guardian .
  • A written statement to dispense medication from a NY State licensed health care provider must accompany the medication. The order must include the date, student's name, date of birth, name of the medication, dosage, how often it should be given, and for what length of time. **Medication orders must be renewed each school year; they do not carry over from year to year.
  • The parent or guardian must sign a written request for the school nurse to dispense the medication.
  • Asthmatic or Allergic students who need to self-carry an inhaler or emergency epinephrine for acute symptoms, or for sports or extracurricular activities must have written authorization to self-carry from both the health care provider and a parent.
  • Any medication brought to school must be picked up by a parent or guardian prior to the end of the school year. Medication not picked up will be discarded in the appropriate manner.

Visit the Health office website:

School Counselor's Corner

What does the School Counselor do at C-NS?

Below you will see the Alpha Split for the School Counselors with their contact information based on the grade your student is in. School Counselors are here to help our students with social and emotional skills, and academic, college, and career planning. The School Counselor works with parents, students, staff, Administrators, and outside agencies to assist their students to successfully navigate through high school and beyond. If a student needs to be referred to our Social Worker, Student Assistance Counselor, or other therapists in our building, we will do that referral. If you have a general overall concern about your student’s academic progress or personal concerns regarding your student, please reach out to your student’s School Counselor. If you have a specific class you have concerns about, then please contact that certain teacher first. If you are not sure who to contact, the School Counselors are here to help connect you.

Just a reminder about schedule changes – Please give your classes and teachers a chance. No class changes for the first 4 school days. There are no teacher changes. We did the best we could making sure students were able to get the courses they selected back in the Spring.

SAVE THE DATE!! – Oct. 4th 5:30-8PM – C-NS Financial Aid Night & Trades/College Fair will be in-person this Fall! More information to come.

New this year – We will be training students to use Scoir in place of Naviance as our career and college research tool. Students will be receiving an email to their school email to register.

Students should register and they can begin exploring Scoir.

Career Center Updates

  • In person college visits will begin September 14. They will be held in the Career Center at 10:45am and 11:45am. These visits will be 30 minutes each. Students can sign up in the Career Center and on SCOIR. The schedule will be updated on the Career Center webpage.
  • The CNS College and Trades Fair will be held on Tuesday, October 4th, 5:30pm to 8:00pm in the CNS large gym. Over 80 colleges, universities and trade areas will be represented. More information will be posted on the Career Center webpage in the coming weeks.
  • In person Military visits will begin the week of September 19th, Mondays through Thursdays. These visits will take place during lunches in the Student Center in cafeteria 1. The schedule will be posted on the Career Center webpage when it is available.
  • The CNS Job Shadow Program will begin October 17th and run through April 2023. See the Career Center website for more information.
  • The ASVAB Career Exploration Assessment will be available to all CNS students in October. Date to be determined. Check the Career Center webpage for updates.

Visit the Career Center website through out the year for up to date information:

Building Publications

During the school year, your son or daughter may have the opportunity to have his/her photo taken, video image and voice recorded, and/or art and written work published in connection with a school district activity or program. Your child’s photo (image), school work and/or name may be published in local newspapers, posted (displayed) on the district’s Internet site, or used by the requesting organization (local TV or print media) for their programming, i.e., backup and their news stories.

If you DO NOT want your child’s picture, name or schoolwork to be used in newspaper articles, video, and/or district publications, including our district’s website, please inform your school principal in writing.