Mrs. Z's Class News!

March 27, 2015

Hip Hip Horray! Spring Break Starts Today!

--No pun intended on the "HIP HIP" It's been a busy last week before break and Mrs. Z is seeming to be on the mend! The class has been working hard to wrap up their projects before spring break! The Wax Museums were a huge success, so THANK YOU for helping your child with this assignment! In addition to our wax museum, this week your child had the "Health Talk". Please make some time to chat with your child about this and answer any questions he/she may have!

I've included some important information re: Chaperone interest for our Madison Field Trip coming up in May. Please take a peek and fill out ASAP!

---Mrs. Z

Avoid The "Spring Break Slide!"

Even though having a break is important for the kids (and teachers too!) It's crucial that they continue to practice skills necessary to improve in 4th grade! The MAP test is quickly approaching and each student has their goal RIT scores saved in Notability (Take a peek)

Here's how you can help!

*Have your child read at least 20 minutes a day over break!

*Your child can use Read Theory as GREAT practice!

* Use the website MAP links to practice skills to improve RIT Score on MAP Test!

* Use the iPad Splash Math and Brain Training Games (Kids love them!)

Thank you!

Here's What We're Learning....

Math-This week we assessed Chapter 7 Part 2 (Decimals)

Science-We wrapped up our Astronomy Unit. Your child's Astronomy journals are the final product for this unit. This was a unit of inquiry and students worked really hard on showing how they expanded their knowledge on their understanding of how our universe is constantly changing!

ELA-The class has been learning about how to identify main ideas and key details while reading both literature and informational text. We also worked on summarizing by using the "Somebody-Wanted-But-So-And Then" strategy.

Writing-This quarter we focused on informational text features and studied how writers engage their audience through the structure of their piece. We wrote our biographies, wax museums and various summaries about text throughout this unit.

Daily 5 Rounds:

Read Theory

"What Is It?"

Book Club Stems

**your children have been working on improving their questioning stems while reading and their letter submissions to me through Schoology. You can see your child's work by having them log into Schoology and show you their submissions.

Mrs. Z

4th Grade Teacher

Forest Glen Elementary School