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Apr 22-26, 2019

from J-

Thank you for the continued focus on finishing strong! I'm hearing discussions around keeping staff and students engaged, while promoting support of continued learning, and EOY assessments. You are working diligently around attendance and effort incentives/rubrics, teacher positivity and efficacy, and encouraging students to show what they know with 100% effort. I further appreciate what I"m not seeing - countdowns.

For your awareness, Dr. Dublin and I will be in the DC area Wednesday through Friday representing DESE as we learn more about effective principal supervision. Please don't hesitate to connect; just know response time may not be immediate.

I was reminded this week through personal experience the power of a leader's influence. It reminded me of a segment from a book I recently read titled Extreme Ownership:

A good leader must be: confident but not cocky; courageous but not foolhardy; competitive but a gracious loser; attentive to details but not obsessed by them; strong but have endurance; a leader and follower; humble not passive; aggressive not overbearing; quiet not silent; calm but not robotic, logical but not devoid of emotions; close with the troops but not so close that one becomes more important than another or more important than the good of the team; not so close that they forget who is in charge. able to execute Extreme Ownership, while exercising Decentralized Command. A good leader has nothing to prove, but everything to prove.

Embrace the dichotomies of leadership. Make it an amazing week!

from Mike-

Delivery of Cardinals Tickets

Tickets for the remaining Cardinals field trips (4th and 3rd grade) will be delivered to each building secretary prior to their field trip date.

Bus Discipline Feedback Loop

As you work through bus behaviors and assigning discipline when appropriate, your efforts to keep bus drivers in the loop about steps taken to address the issue is very much appreciated. Regardless of what the outcome or consequence was, the process of closing the feedback loop with drivers is a great practice and helps to facilitate a team approach to the difficult task of managing bus behaviors.

How we created a growth mindset in math

This article was written by our own Catherine Castillo!

Innovation Summit

Registration is OPEN NOW for the annual GOCSD Innovation Summit.

This year's Innovation Summit will be held May 28-29, 2019 at the Branson Convention Center. We are excited to welcome John Antonetti & Weston Kieschnick (author of Bold School) as this year's keynote speakers! Check out the promo video HERE.

If interested in attending, use this link to register and find out of the details of the event. Registration is FREE for SPS educators, however, seating is limited so register TODAY!

Tip of the Week

Adult learners, like students, need time to grapple with new ideas in order to put them into action. “Learning Communities bridge the knowing-doing” gap by giving teachers a chance to collaborate with colleagues and plan to use learning in their own settings (Learning Forward, 2019).

What opportunities might educators have for collaborating to meet goals at your site?

What might be important for you to consider as you think about forming strong learning communities next school year?

For a deeper dive, check out this Plan for Team Growth from Learning Forward.


April 19: Register for your SPLS Work Day by the end of the day today.

April 30: PL/W Logs DUE

May 3: SPLS Ledgers DUE

Parenting in a Digital Age: What Experts Are Saying

Any kid who can survive modern adolescence without suffering a digital mishap should win an Olympic medal.

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