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Can't Believe that it has been ONE YEAR!!!

Wilson ALS Challenge

Language and Literacy

All ELAR Educators -

Just a reminder to bookmark the Language & Literacy Google Site in your favorites. This website contains important information and resources related to literacy instruction in CISD.

Elementary Spelling -

A number of educators and literacy coaches have spent countless hours working to put together some amazing resources for spelling instruction. On this page of the Language and Literacy Google Site you will find expectations for implementation as well as links to the resources. Elementary Spelling

With that being said, several educators and librarians have had questions about which Words Their Way resources to keep and which to discard. Please see the image attached to this email. Along the same vein, every K-5 educator and 6-8 ELAR educator should have a copy of the Write From the Beginning and Beyond Materials (new, red spiral bound and one Setting the Stage binder) in their classroom.

Elementary Spelling

Language & Literacy Google Site

Mathematics: Mary Kemper

CISD Mathematics Website: I continue to update the tinyurl.com/cisdmathematics website with information related to textbooks (including instructions for high school digital access), curriculum, and other resources. Be sure to bookmark the site and encourage your educators to do so as well for future reference.

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: The dates for Stop, Collaborate, and Listen for the first nine weeks have been set. This professional learning will be 3:30pm – 5:00 pm at Austin Elementary. Educators should sign up in Eduphoria using the links below. All resources from SC&L will be posted to the CISD Elementary Math website (tinyurl.com/cisdelementarymath) following the training.

RtI2 Mathematics: Universal Screener Training: All K-8 mathematics educators should complete the RtI2: Math Universal Screener course in Schoology (cisd.schoology.com) prior to the BOY testing window for their grade level. To access the RtI2: Math Universal Screener course in Schoology:

  • Navigate to: cisd.schoology.com
  • Select the Courses dropdown menu in the top menu
  • Click on the Join link in the Courses dropdown
  • Enter this access code: C4QBH-TWT8V

Assessment: Debbie Youngs


This link will take you to the shared schedule of assessments (universal screeners and other assessments) that are given by the district/state. Please scroll to the bottom of the list to see the deadlines for entering info into AWARE.


The district print shop is printing the TEMI math assessments and teacher’s manuals. When ready, your CTC will receive a call to pick them up at Brock.


  • The 2015 Accountability Summary will be sent to parents with the first grading report, along with a letter of explanation and links to access for additional information. The letter will be attached to an upcoming Courier prior to the first grading report. It will be provided in English and Spanish.
  • In the meantime, Bria has posted the district and campus-specific 2015 Accountability Summary to each campus website. In addition, she has provided the link to the district site for additional accountability information. Thanks, Bria!
  • If parents have questions as to what the state accountability system assesses, please direct them to the district website.
  • Things to note about the Accountability report/summary:
  1. The state accountability summary you have received does not reflect scores from grades 3-8 math, STAAR A, or STAAR ALT 2, since those assessments were excluded by the state in their accountability report.
  2. Therefore, the only learners served by Special Education/504 that were included are those who took the STAAR.
  3. The only math included currently is Algebra I.
  4. We will be receiving an updated federal accountability report that does include grades 3-8 math, STAAR A, and STAAR ALT 2 this fall.


8/24-9/16: Grades K-2 BOY Assessment Window for DRA2/EDL2/WTG/TEMI Math Assessment

9/4: Registration deadline for parent GT referral

9/2-3: CBE Testing after school

9/2-23: Grades K-2 BOY iStation Assessment Window

9/2-9/23: Grades 3-8 BOY iStation and Writing Assessment Window

9/8-9/23: Grades 3-8 BOY Assessment Window for ESTAR (elementary version) and MSTAR (middle school version) Math Assessment

9/19: CogAT Testing for GT Parent Referrals

Schedule of Assessments

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Science: Linda Cook

Science Assessments

Within Forethought, there are pre- and post- assessments for each unit for grades 3-8. Throughout the year, more open-ended versions of the assessments will be added to Forethought. These assessments are an option resources for educators to use as needed.

Within AWARE, by Sept. 1st we will have end-of-broad-unit assessments for the 12-week life, physical, and earth science units for grades 3-5. If you choose to utilize these at your campus, they will be administered online and will provide data within AWARE.

For grades 6-9, by Sept. 1st we will have a post-assessment in AWARE for every unit. Campus administrators may decide whether or not to require these. The post-assessments within AWARE will be administered online and will provide data within AWARE.

Science Professional Learning

The general focus for K-12 science this year will be improving our practice as inquiry science educators. The secondary science teachers will participate in training on Argument Driven Inquiry on Aug. 20th with a follow-up book study with their department chairs throughout the year.

Elementary science content specialists are developing our own inquiry based science experiences which we will deliver at three different locations across the district on three different dates. The first session will be around the first of October. The name of the series is "Science is Messy". Our goal is to increase educator comfort and success in facilitating inquiry-based science.

What's that? One more week of Summer...what?

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How are we gonna embarrass the new folks this year...?

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