January 19th Chloe + Isabel News

Team #FabFlyers

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Did you know jewelry is one of the most popular gifts for Valentine's Day? Join us at 9pm EST National Sales Meeting for expert tips to captivate Valentine's Day clients, whether popping up online, selling in person, or marketing on-the-go! We'll also share a special surprise to help you get your jewelry assortment in tip-top shape for Valentine's Day! Don't miss out – register now!https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/8603159886301824257
ALSO~~~~~~>>>>> Our La Dolce Vita capsule is helping customers embrace 'the sweet life' all over the U.S. To ensure you have the chance to add these styles to your display (at half off!), we're extending your exclusive spree to Thursday, January 21st at 11:59pm EST


Planning our TEAM-WIDE pop up for February! I am deeming the week of Feb 19th thru 27th our TEAM POP UP WEEK! I want us ALL to book a pop up that week and IF you chose to run it on behalf of a charity then that would be GREAT! I want us all to have the same theme in mind for the event. Once we settle the theme I will help with some images and texts for you. I will be running my event and giving back 50% of my commission to the cause of choice. Please VOTE

American Heart Association

St Judes

American Cancer Society

Hope for Justice

Drop and Go

Here is your HOMEWORK for January and February (besides booking 2 pops for each month. ) It is time for ‪#‎DROPANDGO‬. Drop and go????? YEP it is a super easy and FUN project that you ALL can do. Here is the skinny.......

~Make a list of 100-200 businesses and/or events local to your area that you can think of off the top of your head. Drs offices, spas, bakeries, dance studios, realtors, gyms, etc..........
~Research your area for more ideas and places
~BRAND and create your own RAFFLE basket, notecards, etc......What I mean by that is get funky, stay on brand but think up a very cool and sweet LITTLE display for a raffle item of your choice (maybe the ruby studs in time for Valentines day?),catalogs, cards, 8X10 pic frame with a c and i pic or raffle instructions, clipboard for raffle entries, etc...Keep it to a minimum for space.
~PREPARE your speech. Be ready and confident to approach at least 2-5 businesses to start, ask to be able to set up a small raffle for their lobby. ACT like you have done this a million times because you are AWESOME. Set it up to run for 4-5 days and make sure to tell the biz that YOU will be cross advertising for them by dropping this in their venue. You will be letting your network and social media know to stop by to enter the raffle. FREE ADVERTISING...duhhhhhhh no brainer right????
~ Be prepared for some NO's. Yes you will get some that say NO or you may get some raffles that have zero entries??? Crazy right?? BUT it is okay....this exercise is also to build confidence and creativity NOT to just get sales and leads. It is a WIN WIN for you no matter the outcome. No sadness allowed, every NO brings you closer to a YES!!!!
~The ROI is huge on this!!!! You put in the prep work and secure the locations and BOOM!!
~ I would suggest prepping yourself for 10 locations......I'd like to see you have 10 raffles going on in 10 spots around town??? Imagine if you got just 30 leads from each raffle? That is 300 new leads to plug into your email and website!!!! That is HUGE!!!!!!!

****Can you commit to this project for January and Feb????? I believe in YOU and I know you can do this. Time to expand your network ladies. XO

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C+I by Invite!!

WOW......look at what YOU have done with your c and i by invite in 2015!!! Our team has done 77K in sales just from the new merchies invited by YOU on our team. Way to go.
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BOOK those POPS......get creative!!! I challenge YOU to book at least 2 POP UPS for Feb NOW!!!! Comment here when you add them to your dashboard to win a PRIZE from me. You have thru Friday night to book 2 Feb POPS for a chance to win!!! ‪#‎2febpops‬

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Do YOU use LinkedIn for your biz and social networking?? I just spent yesterday and some of today tweaking my profile and making some new local connections. I believe it is very important to use this resource!! Take some time to build your profile and make some new relationships in your area!!! Any thoughts???? https://www.linkedin.com/in/candiwithv
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The ASK......

Mastering THE ASK...... From fellow MM November Rawlings!!
The hardest part of growing my chloe + isabel business when I first became a Merchandiser was asking people to support me. In retrospect, I'm not sure why it was so hard – because once I asked, 9 times out of 10 the answer was YES! I think it was more about getting over my own hangups and hurdles, but I'm sure I'm not the only Merchie who has felt this way. I decided, what do I have to lose? Plus, I thought about how I respond to friends/family/co-workers when they ask me to support/purchase/donate to something they are passionate about. 9 times out of 10, I say yes too!

There are so many potential opportunities out there and if we open ourselves up and get creative, the world is our oyster! So my biggest piece of advice is to just ask! I'm including some suggestions below for who you can ask and what you can ask them, but these are just thought starters, and our amazing community shares their awesome ideas all the time, so be sure to stay up to speed on Facebook and the Merch Perch! Some of these may seem simplistic, but sometimes I think we need to keep it simple. Reminding myself to simply "ask" has been the key to keeping my business consistent on a monthly basis.

Cheers, fellow Merchies and remember: if you never ask, the answer will always be no!

Who to ask:
Mom (or MIL)
Husband or partner's co-workers
School office staff
Dr. office receptionist
Bridal shop
Other direct sales reps
Retail store with complementary product(s)

What to ask:
Would you like to host a pop-up?
Would you like to come to a party I'm hosting?
Are you interested in a sale I have going on right now on my boutique?
Would you bring a lookbook to work for me?
Would you be interested in a lunchtime pop-up?
Can I leave a lookbook here?
Would you be interested in collaborating?
Do you do trunk shows?
Can I host a fundraiser for you?

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