North v. South

The political and socioeconomic differences

The North

Political Parties:

  • Whigs
  • Republicans

  • Careers in business, medicine, or education
  • Many big cities
  • More than one quarter of northerners lived in urban areas
  • Had two thirds of the railroad tracks in America

Middle Class:

  • Had a higher standard of living than Europe
  • Had more material possessions and consumer goods

Lower Class:

  • Factories
  • Mills
  • Conditions were worse than before
  • Domestic help for middle class

The South

Political Parties:

  • Democrats


  • Large plantations
  • Isolated farms
  • Less education
  • "Crackers" were poor white trash

Middle Class:

  • More subordinate
  • Developed "code of chivalry"

Poor Class:

  • "Crackers"
  • "Poor white trash"
  • Disease
  • Sometimes are clay
  • Looked down upon by even the slaves