McCarthyism and The Crucible

Amika Hodges

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The Crucible

  • During the Salem Witch Trials, people that were accused and denied that didn't have anything to do with evil were hanged.
  • It happened in the 1692.
  • Twenty people died during the hysteria.

Joseph McCarthy

  • No one was killed for being accused of communist.
  • It happened in the 1950s
  • People never spoke out against him.
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How are Joseph McCarthy and The Crucible alike ?

They both feared and had anger. During the Salem Witch Trials, Abby hates Elizabeth Proctor and the wife of the man that she loves, which then results in Abby accusing Elizabeth of practicing witchcraft and communicating with the devil. In McCarthyism, anger is shown when Joseph accused people of being communist. Anyone who expressed their freedom of speech was labeled a communist. The people were fueled by fear because no one wanted to be punished or killed. When Abby started accuses everyone, they started getting scared because they thought she would accuse them. Joseph McCarthy was fueled by fear of the nuclear war. Communist had snuck into America from the Soviet Union to spy on the U.S.