1000 Day Planning Process

Combining long term planning with short term tactics

A simple process that helps businesses plan and learn while they are doing.

The 1000-day planning process is an 11-step journey over 2 3/4 years that starts with a destination (Clear Definition of Success) and then involves 10 X 100-Day meetings with key stakeholders on each of those 100 day (100, 200 etc.) anniversaries.

These 100, 200, 300 day meetings are marked in advance on the calendar, and cannot be cancelled or moved.

The agenda for each 100-day meeting is a simple look backward (learning) over the past 100 days and a look forward (planning) exercise for then next phase.

Meeting 1 – Destination – Where do we want to be in 1000 Days?

Other Comments

· It is often interesting to watch priority shifts that have occurred between what was determined to be important at the planning stage (100 day Plan) versus the review stage (200 Day Review).

· This 1000 Day plan is west in “wet concrete’, as each 100 days refinements are made to keep the enterprise on track