Juan Ponce de Leon

Where was Juan Ponce Born?

Juan was born in a poor but a good family in 1474, Santervás de Campos, Spain. He served as a page at the court of Aragon. After that he became a soldier Fighting in the Spanish campaign against the Moors in Granada.

When did Juan Ponce die?

Juan Ponce die in July 1521, Havana, Cuba. Ponce de León was wounded in the confrontation, possibly by a poison arrow to his thigh. What a Horrible death.

What was he looking for?

Ponce de León explored many areas, including the Bahamas and Bimini, for both a gold river and the Fountain of Youth , but he never found them. In late March of 1513, his ships landed on Florida's east coast near present-day St. Augustine. He claimed this beautiful land for Spain.

ponce de leon

What was Juan Ponce first vorage?

Juan had many goal that he wanted to reach but he had one big dream that he wanted to accomplish and that was to find the fountain of youth and his second goal was to find a river of gold .On his first voyage he wanted to find the Fountain. He also wanted to find some land to claim and to mine for gold. On his voyage he did not find the fountain of youth.
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What explore whould have had made

I think Juan Ponce De Léon would have convinced me to go on a voyage if he were to say that they were going to find a fountain of youth and if they going to go find a fountain of youth Because Juan's goal was to find the fountain of youth and to find a river made of gold and they were going to claim land for them self's and that they were going to get gold out of this. Then for sure I would go with him. But I am glad I didn't go because they didn't find it.