Compare and Contrast

Expository and Personal Narrative Essays


Both expository and personal narratives are great ways of sharing experiences with an event. They both have strong vocabulary and are both structured. Both have a introduction paragraph, a body paragraph, and a conclusion paragraph. Both have a subject that they are telling the reader about.

Personal Narrative

Personal Narratives describe one event and is usually told in 1st person. It slows down each important moment to describe the feelings and senses of the writer. A personal narrative essay has an immediate setting. Also it has characters with different parts in the essay. Personal narratives are one of the few writings styles were the reader can understand all the personal information of the author.

Expository Essay

An expository essay gives the reader the authors opinion on a situation and it also gives the reader information such as research. In expository essays it would be likely to find various examples and very detailed words. The examples can be personal or global.