Edgerton Weekly #18

January 22, 2016

Equity In All We Do-Welcoming Schools

Last week a St. Paul transgender student committed suicide on school grounds of a St. Paul high school. The information we have is that the student was a target of bullying. 41% of transgender youth have attempted suicide and 10% of LGBT students have attempted suicide. 80% of transgender people report knowing they were transgender before 5th grade, with the average age of realization being 8 years, although many report knowing at age 5 or younger.

It's been reported in Roseville that some of the bullying comments heard in buildings reference being gay or some form of gender-bias or reference to non-traditional family makeup. Welcoming Schools is a project of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. They provide resources for elementary educators on a number of topics, including embracing family diversity, creating LGBTQ-friendly schools, preventing bias-based bullying and supporting transgender and gender expansive students. I thought you might find the following resources from the Welcoming Schools website (www.welcomingschools.org) helpful in addressing these issues with elementary students:

1. What Do You Say to “That’s So Gay”?

2. What Does Gay Mean?

3. Be Prepared for Questions and Put-Downs on Gender

4. Yes, They Are a Family

New 623 Curriculum Website

There is a new curriculum resource in 623! On the staff page of our district website there is a "one stop shop" staff resource page. There are links for different subjects, standards, landing pages, etc. You can find it on the staff page under Resources for Curriculum and Assessment. Or this website address: https://sites.google.com/a/apps.isd623.org/curriculum-and-assessment/science

Lester Laminack on Read Alouds

I read a short excerpt from author Lester Laminack on Read Alouds. It was a good reminder of all the different ways we can do read alouds with our students. Follow this link to read more about read alouds.

Responsive Classroom: Book of the Month

This year we have books for each grade to help teach our students about Eagle Pride; Respect, Responsibility, Empathy and Safety. Classroom teachers should do interactive read alouds with students and use the books to teach our school rules. The books are kept together in the library and are available for teachers to check out. We have introduced each of the books at our Nest Fests this year and will introduce the last book in the spring. If you aren't on track, there is plenty of time to get caught up before we do the next book. Also, if you would like me to come into your classroom and model an interactive read aloud I'd be happy to do so. Just let me know. Our books for this year include:

1. September: Safety-Chrysanthemum

2. December: Responsibility-It’s Not My Fault

3. January:Respect-Have You Filled A Bucket

4. April: Empathy-Stand in My Shoes (K-2) and Mr. Peabody’s Apples (3-6)

Professional Development Calendar Change

After talking with the Leadership Team about our Coding Staff Meeting on January 28, we decided to make a small change. The first 15 minutes of the staff meeting was supposed to be on Homelessness and the remainder on Coding. We are moving the presentation on Homelessness to a different date so the staff meeting on January 28 is focused only on Coding. On February 11 we are scheduled to have PLCs. The first 15 minutes of that PLC we’ll meet as a large group in the library where Carrie will present some district information on Homelessness. Carrie’s presentation should take 10-15 minutes. After that we’ll carry on with PLCs as we normally would. I hope that makes sense. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Professional Development: January 29

Please use the following link for details regarding our professional development day on Friday, January 29. The morning will focus on grade level Social Studies meetings and the afternoon is Teacher Prep.
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