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Shaw Montessori Newsletter / Week of January 29th, 2023

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  • Message From Principal Engdall
  • Valentine Cookie Gram's
  • ASL After-School Enrichment
  • Shaw Science Fair
  • See Shaw Shine Reporters
  • Garden Update
  • Message From Shaw PTA
  • Shaw Calendar
  • Meal Menu
  • District Information

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Message From Principal Engdall

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Greeting Shaw Montessori!

This week, two of our teachers who are Nationally Board Certified were honored with balloon bouquets! Only 12% of teachers that attain this Certification are able to do the rigorous work to maintain it. Congratulations to Ms. Wheelington and Ms. Punchios, for their incredible work!

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Great to see many of our families at Transition Night. Each multi-aged level transition for our children is a metamorphosis, it stretches and grows them physically, mentally emotionally, academically, and socially but they always rise to meet the challenge. Class lists will be published in May.

Our new temporary PEER Lead is Ms. Darlene. Many of you will be greeted by her as you pick up your children. As she is new to our community and getting to know you, she may ask for ID. Please be prepared, but not put out. Thank you!

Our annual Sweetheart Dance will be held on Friday, February 10th in our cafeteria from 6pm-8pm. The 6th, 7th & 8th graders will also hold their dance on the same evening in the gymnasium. Bring your sweethearts and enjoy an evening of dancing and fun.

Wishing you the best,

Principal Engdall

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Valentine Cookie Gram's

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Valentine Cookie Grams are back!!!

Valentine Cookie grams will be on sale starting this Monday and run until February 10th.

Order form is attached below or you can pick one up at the front office.

For families new to Shaw, these are cookie valentines that are delivered to your child in class on February 14th.

Get your order in a.s.a.p. to ensure supply for Valentine's Day!

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ASL After-School Enrichment

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ASL after-school enrichment class starts this week!

Has your student been interested in learning American Sign Language? Well now’s their chance! 2nd-5th grade students will be introduced to ASL level one concepts, including greetings, vocabulary, and conversation. Classes are taught by Josh who is a Shaw father, Deaf, and has been teaching Deaf & hearing children for 12 years. Flyer attached below.

Classes Information: COST $150/ Thursdays at 340pm- 440pm

DATES 2/9-4/13. (No class 3/9 & 3/16)

For registration, email Josh at:

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Shaw Science Fair

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Annual Shaw Science Fair

Join us on the evening of Tuesday, February 28th

View 2nd thru 8th grade science presentations: 5pm to 7pm (in the cafeteria)

Mexican Dinner: 4:30pm to 7pm (in the courtyard)

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See Shaw Shine Reporters

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Science Fair Projects

By: Torrance

The fact that everyone has a project is mindblowing! Mind-blowing would be cool but probably dangerous. Baking soda and vinegar plus red and orange food coloring make a great volcano experiment. Or a solar-powered ice cream machine. Over one hundred experiments on the twenty-eighth of February will be presented to parents of upper and lower elementary students. The craziest thing yet is that these projects are going to be on display with demonstrations. Absolutely awesome!!! Students from Mr.Leinbach, Ms. Wellington, and Ms. Chan's are going to present their class projects.

Interviews with Sofia F. and Esteban C.

By: Helen and Nadia

Sofia F is comparing spray sunscreen to the cream kind to see what works better. To test she will use a special sort of lamp that makes ultraviolet light and a kind of bead, then she will spread the sunscreen on the beads set under the light and let the beads sit and later she will figure it out !

Esteban Contreas will be doing a project to see if family members have similar fingerprints! To test he will take his family's fingerprints then he will examine them to see the similarities and differences. When asked why he chose this he responded with “I’ve always wondered if family members do have similar fingerprints.”The family members he will be using are his Grandma, Mom, Dad, Big brother, and finally his little sister.

Science Experiment Guide

By: Yolehua

I will be going over the steps of a good experiment. First, you need to make a good hypothesis. Do not say I think in your hypothesis. Your hypothesis should be one complete sentence about what you think will happen. Then you need to make a list with all the materials you need. Remember it should be a list, not a sentence. Paper and a pencil should not be included in the list. Then you need a procedure. A procedure is like instructions for your experiment. Your results should be recorded in a data table as the experiment is being performed. The data table should be made before the experiment begins. A few observations should be made. Explain what happened, not why it happened. The results are usually represented in a graph. The conclusion should be in paragraph form. Include another question for the experiment. The only thing that can change in an experiment is a variable. A good experiment must be controlled so that the only things that change are the variables.

Reporters / Mr. Leinbach's Class

Torrance, Helen, Mila, Yolehua

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Garden Update

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The whole school has fallen in love with our goat family. Please remind your children that goats are only a temporary exhibition at Shaw Montessori. In two weeks, they will go back to Maya’s Farm where they will grow up into healthy adult goats and be sold to a bbq or, if they are lucky, to a loving family. That is the hard reality of life on the farm.

We delved deeper into the world of ruminants this week and spoke about the horizontal pupils of our goat friends. These horizontal pupils enable the goat to see 280 degrees around their vicinity. This is a great adaptation for spotting predators and other dangers. The downside to horizontal pupils-a poor vertical line of vision. The goats cannot see very well above or below. Every advantage yields a disadvantage.

Parent workday is right around the corner! We will be building a path along the perimeter of the field garden. I am asking parents to donate flagstone or any type of block. This includes pavers and old terracotta pieces. Please email me if you have any block or know of a supplier. And sign up for our workday by following the link below:

There will be pulled pork sandwiches for lunch thanks to one of our parents, Lenny. See you all there!

I have included a flyer with the newsletter for a marmalade class on Jan 29th from 1-4pm. Some of my fellow garden friends are hosting the event in Scottsdale. If you are interested in learning how to preserve your citrus through jamming, then please go register. They are a well of knowledge!

Here is my email in case you need to reach me:

Home Depot gift cards are always appreciated. Continue bringing your aluminum cans, coffee grounds, eggshells, and bottle caps. You can leave them on the table outside the front office, except for the bottle caps. Have your child drop them in their classroom bottle cap bin.

We will also accept any tool donations for the field garden and/or ODE.

Thanks Matt for the flagstone donations!

Mr. Moench

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Message From Shaw PTA

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We can’t wait to bring this event back to our school community after a few years off!

We definitely need volunteers to make this happen, so stay tuned for more details.

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Attendance sign up:

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Shaw Calendar

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Meal Menu

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District Info

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