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Mrs. Edwards' 5th Finest

Shared Writing from our class...Happy Holidays!

Daddy, oh Daddy

How I love you so

You make me shine and glow

You are my everything don't you know

You are the snow that falls on me

You are the shelter that revolves around me

You are the sun that shines down on me

You are the wind that blows against me

You are the sea that crashes upon me

You are my Daddy and

That's all that really matters to me

by Elizabeth

No school 12/23-1/3 Return to school January 6th, 2014

Holiday quotes...Gifts that don't cost a dime!

"I will write a letter to my brother."- Harrison

More student writing to come!

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Thanks for the thoughtful and heartfelt gifts your children have given me this week. I wish you all a restful, peaceful, and joyous break! Thanks for sending in party items. :)

Mrs. Edwards