By: Ashley Franco Period 3

Impact on Ecosystems

Deforestation has a huge impact on ecosystems. One reason includes the loss of millions of species, as 70% of Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests. In addition, deforestation leads to global warming. Trees and plants absorb greenhouse gases so if there is less forests there will be more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, leading to global warming.

Possible Solutions

To stop this predicament we can stop cutting so many trees down, or at least plant a new tree for every other tree cut down.


Why won't people stop cutting down trees? People do not want to stop cutting down trees because they make a lot of money from the trees. Also, trees supply us with things like paper, buildings, and the lumber industry employs more than 80,000 jobs across America.
CNN Explains: Deforestation

CNN Explains: Deforestation

The video shown above explains why deforestation occurs, where most deforestation takes place, how forests are cleared, and environmental impacts.