The awesome red planet

On July 7, 2003, Opportunity [a rover sent to Mars] went to unite with Spirit [another Mars rover]. Opportunity landed right in the middle of a crater, which scientists studied thoroughly. On day [sol] 13 Opportunity took a picture of blueberries. Scientists said they were red with iron oxide. Opportunity and Spirit had to wait out the martian winter.

Opportunity set a record of driving 220 meters in a day.100 days before that, one rover got stuck. Then using its camera it showed where it got stuck. Scientists figured it out by making a model testing it out.

The Red Planet

There is some awesome things about the red planet [Mars]. For instance it is named after the roman god of war because the ground is like blood. The ground is actually made up of iron oxide.

It also has two moons Demios and Phobios. Phobios gets 6 ft. closer to mars every year. So it could crash into Mars in about 500 million years. It takes 7 hours and 39 minutes for Phobios to orbit Mars. It takes Demios 30 hours to orbit Mars.

Water, Water, Where Are You?

Scientists say there used to be water on Mars, do you believe it? If we had technology back in the day we would have probably found the answer. The good thing is we already have. There indeed is water on Mars , but not for us to drink. Any liquid water is not accessible, you have to dig for it.

Opportunity and Spirit also found water. One found rock that had minerals that are only in water! Images from 2005 showed new trails of matter that scientists are almost certain are from water. So there is water!

Going to Mars

People are actually going to Mars. Mars is our closest neighbor so we can almost colonize it. Shawn Duffy is exited about going to Mars. Buzz Aldrin says, "We are going to send people to Mars in 2030."