Flavivirus Also known as Yellow Fever.


Yellow fever is an RNA virus. It has a near spherical shape. It's surface proteins are arranged in an icosahedral symmetry. Once it infects the RNA it becomes both the genome and the messenger RNA.


Most victims who are attacked are people. The mosquitos gets it from a nonhuman primate that transfers it to the mosquito. Then when it bites a human, the human becomes the victim.


Yellow fever causes the disease known as Viral Hemorrpagic fever.

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Yellow fever causes severe headache, back pains, yellow discoloration of the skin and damages the eyes.

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There is no specific treatment for yellow fever, patients with yellow fever should be hospitalized for their symptoms and should be under observation from healthcare workers and should have some rest, and plenty of fluids, also pain medications recommended from doctors.

Modus Operandi " M.O."

Spreads through the bite of a mosquito to a human and can be transmitted to more humans as soon as the humans gets bitten by one.
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This shows how the virus is transferring to the victim.

Host Cell

The virus affects human cells, which are the host cells. The virus attacks where he immune system can't reach them.


The virus is found in a large portion of South America. It is also found in most of the continent of Africa.