Toussaint Louverture's Early Life

-Life before he was a General


Toussaint Louverture, believed to be born on May 20th 1743 which is on All-Saints-Day, was born in on a plantation in Saint- Domingue, Haiti and had a very rough life growing up. Toussaint, son of Gaou Guinou who's grandfather was King of a West-African tribe that was captured and sold into childhood during the youth of Gaou and mother Pauline who's last name is unknown both had many children together. Of all the Siblings Toussaint Louverture was the oldest. It is unknown how many siblings he had because there was little written information about his early life. Growing up in Haiti was very difficult as slaves. They had to live horrible lifestyles and had to work very hard in order to keep their owners happy. As a child Toussaint Louverture was nicknamed " Fatras-Bâton" which means small and weak. However, as he grew older he also outgrew his name as he became much stronger and a lot wiser.

Who? What? When? Where?

Who?- Toussaint Louverture, known as the Commanding General for the Haitian Revolution

What?- Toussaints's life BEFORE being a powerful General in the Haitian Revolution

When?- 1743- 1791, from the time he was born to the moments leading to the Revolution

Where?- Haiti, the surrounding Caribbean islands.

Why is my topic important?

Why?- Toussaint Louverture played a major role in the Haitian Revolution and my topic gives us an inside look at his life and what his life was like leading up to the historical moments that lead to becoming a General leading an entire country. Also, not much is known about his early life and I would like to inform those who read this about what we do know.


"I was born a slave, but nature gave me a soul of a free man." - Toussaint Louverture

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