Mertavated Mail

Volume 1: February

Bluebonnet Party

The Bluebonnet party was great! The students had a fabulous time and really seemed to enjoy themselves. Thanks for all of your support with either reading Bluebonnet books to them or helping promote while in the library.

A special thanks to Mrs. Bustamante for helping get in the building at 6:15 in the morning Friday and for helping me to set up. Another special thanks to Miss Siler for helping with crowd control. I am posting some pictures of the party below. Browse and enjoy!

Library Support

So far many teachers have been doing a great job of helping with their classes while in the library. This is a reminder that I do need you in there with your class helping with the lesson, checking out, or helping the students find books. I have not mastered the skill of being in two places at once. So trying to checkout and find kids books at the same time makes things a little hectic. It also adds to the time in the library making the time run over. Please continue helping me with this to help the library run smoothly.

Thanks to everyone for getting their library carts down first thing in the morning. This really does make a huge difference!

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Important Dates

February 2nd -3rd - SIM Testing

Reminder that there will be SIM testing in the library on Tuesday and Wednesday. The library will be closed for through traffic and for checkout. If you have library on one of these two days and have not already rescheduled with me, please do so soon. Thanks!

February 22nd - 12:15

I will be out of the building that afternoon for a Library meeting. I will leave at 12:15. This is a Monday, at this point all classes are normal that day and I will see you.

March 3rd -All Day - Our Next Read-A-Thon

Our next Read-A-Thon is the Thursday before we leave for Spring Break. We will have a number of volunteers coming in to read to a class that day. Last semester's Read-A-Thon was a great success! I will keep you updated with information as it comes closer. - Thanks for opening your room to these volunteers!