Monochromatic Landscape

Hollywood Sign Los Angeles,CA By Jacob Loftin 2A

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Elements and Principles Unity is made when you repeat any element throughout a work of art to give the art

In my monochromatic landscape work, I have used the element of art, Color. I used Color to create the principle of design,Unity. Unity is made when you repeat any element throughout a work of art to give the artwork a sense of harmony. Repeating the color orange throughout my artwork makes my painting feel Harmonious.

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History and Culture

The Hollywood Sign was built in Los Angeles, California in 1923. The sign originally said HollywoodLand because it was used to attract people that live in the area, thought up by a real estate company. It was placed on Mt.Lee to make sure people could see the sign and support the company. Now a days it is a symbol on the entertainment industry.

Hiskey, Daven. "The Famous "HOLLYWOOD" Sign Originally Read "HOLLYWOODLAND" And Was Lit By About 4,000 Light Bulbs Embedded In The Letters". Today I Found Out. N.p., 2012. Web. 12 Jan. 2016.

Art and Design

The man who designed the sign was Thomas Fisk Goff. The sign had took 18 months to build out of '3X9' panels, pipes,wires,telephone poles, 20 watt light bulbs. The letters have a white coating of paint applied to them. It was first used to promote a real estate company but now its symbolizes today's entertainment industry.,. "Framed Piece Of The Hollywood Sign - Hollywood Mega Store". N.p., 2016. Web. 12 Jan. 2016.

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Personal Response

I chose this landmark because I thought not many people would have chose this,even though others did. I feel like the Hollywood Sign is still relevant because it symbolizes the entertainment industry of today. It deserves to still stand because its one of the great features for LA and represents our great entertainment industry.