KSD K-5 at-Home Learning


A Note from Student Council & Dr. Limpert

Happy Last Week of School, KAH!

Can you believe it? We have only a few days left of school. All of us at KAH are so proud of all the students, staff, parents, and famiIies who made this school year successful! Let’s have one last hurrah together on the morning of May 27, for our Wave Parade. Details have been sent to parent/guardian emails and are below. We hope to see you there!

We know that there are many activities being planned for the end of the year in your home boundary schools. Please know that we do not want kids to have to choose between fun things and are working to ensure we do not conflict with your schools. We also understand that some kids will not be present on Zooms while attending events. Please remember to communicate absences to your child's teacher in advance.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not tell you how grateful I am to each of you for the work you have put into your child(ren's) education these past 14 months. I know it has not been easy, but you have handled it with such grace. I also need to say a huge THANK YOU for allowing me to serve in this role. It has truly been my honor to work alongside our tremendous KAH educators, as well as you and your children. I hope you take time this summer to truly relax.


Please continue to stay safe and healthy, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything,

~Stef Limpert


314.640.1221 (cell)

314. 213.6100 ext 6304 (office)

We are in the Home Stretch!

May 26 - Wacky Wednesday - wear yellow (see details below); "Silly String the Principals" - live viewing from 8:50-9:00am via Zoom https://kirkwoodschools.zoom.us/j/95404962922

May 27 - Last day of school; Early Dismissal; Wave Parade at 9:15am (see details below)

May 27 & 28 - iPad and charger turn in to home boundary schools

May 31st - Last day to pick up items from school vestibules


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To honor the hard work of KAH students and staff, we will have a "Wave Parade" on May 27th beginning at 9:30am. Asynchronous activities will not be available for those who choose not to participate.


9:15 - Families should arrive in their vehicles on the south playground lot of Westchester Elementary and begin staging. Families will need to stage their vehicles as much as possible before arriving at Westchester Elementary.

9:30 - Families will be instructed by a staff member to begin driving the parade route.

KAH staff will be standing outdoors in the half moon circle drive in front of the school building to greet you. Kids and families can wave, but should not stop or exit their vehicles for any reason.

Following the parade, you should head home to participate in last day virtual school activities. These activities will take place between 11:00-12:30 to allow our staff travel time back home.

Link to parade map shown below

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Student iPads will be refreshed/replaced over the summer months so ALL student iPads must be turned in by May 28th.


1. Follow your home boundary school instructions found in their weekly communications for dates and times you can drop off your child's iPad.

2. If you do not wish to make a separate trip, and do not wish for your child to participate in the virtual last day activities on May 27th between 11:00-12:30, you can turn in your child's iPad, charging cable, and charging block to Dr. Limpert during the Wave Parade on May 27th.

Again, ALL iPads must be turned in for the summer, and new iPads will be issued in the fall when school resumes.

Brighten Up!

In the words of our staff and students about this school year:

“I enjoyed the new math curriculum and new friends to get to know.”~Kaila, student

“I really enjoyed being able to have school from home.”~Maria, student

“I really enjoyed meeting everyone! Coming in at the middle of the school year, being a new teaching assistant. I was nervous since I was new to Missouri. However, everyone was super nice and welcoming! I already felt like part of the KAH family that first day. I will always be grateful for that.”

~Miss Nagdeman, staff

“I really enjoyed the math riddles everyday.”~Brody, student

“What I really enjoyed about this school year was all of the things my students taught me. From different things they like, to how I can be the best virtual teacher for them!”~ Ms. Yoviene, staff

“I really enjoyed still being able to be connected with friends and teachers over Zoom and email.”~Natalia, student

“I enjoyed my teacher and staying home with my family. Also the friends I made.” ~Paige, student

“I loved getting to still have fun even if we were online!” ~Delaney, student

“I enjoyed having the online tools to engage, teach, and connect with the students remotely.” ~Miss Drendel, staff

“My teachers have been very nice and helpful.”-Kaden, student

“One thing that I enjoyed this year was being able to eat snacks during school.”-Sofia, student

"I have really enjoyed how much our KAH community has come together to support one another. From the families to the staff and students, I have been so proud to be a part of this!" -Dr. Limpert, staff

New & Noteworthy

For our last Wacky Wednesday we hope to see our students and staff showing off their bright yellow clothes for the upcoming summer sunshine right around the corner! So wear your yellow, shirts, shorts, hats, whatever yellow clothes you got.

In the Specials news: All grade levels will be doing a scavenger hunt and there will be indoor and outdoor art activities too! In Music all grades will be doing a bottle

flipping challenge and a cup stacking competition! In Gym we will get a variety of different

games and challenges for each grade level and these activities will be indoor and outdoor. So

the last week of school is going to be great!

All items being housed in the school vestibules will be discarded on May 31st