Flower Mound Elementary Art Room


Ready, Set, Create!

Mrs. Vehrs


2 children, 19 and 16

3 dogs

Favorites foods - Twix, Kit Kat, Hot Tamales, diet cherry limeade, coke, pizza, burgers, salad

Shopping faves-Target, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Kohls, Dollar Tree

Always in demand and appreciated- black sharpies, colored sharpies, glue sticks, bottled glue, sharpened pencils, erasers, color print quality copy/printer paper

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Art Club for 2nd-5th Grade

Info coming soon


Info regarding upcoming art shows coming soon.


Rules ensure that everyone has a positive, safe and pleasant experience in all that they do.

CHAMPS- School wide positive discipline strategy for rules and procedures that are adaptable for different environments.

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Fine Arts Grades are earned for skills and behavior and are as follows.

E- exceeds expectations/objectives- WOW! Lots of detail, very neat, max effort, quality, and skill.

M- meets expectations/objectives. Nothing more, nothing less, but good quality work.

S- still developing, OR lacks in effort

N- needs improvement, OR little to no effort.

Each Fine Arts Teacher adapts these grades to their specialty.

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Behavior and Participation Grades

An Exceeds for behavior is a little difficult to judge. However, I expect good behavior (Meets Expections) from all students. I understand that some days are better than others, so I have a "three strikes" policy. If you choose to make a bad choice when you come to Art, I will document that in my grade book and a note will go home for your parents to sign. If the undesired behavior occurs two more times, your behavior grade will drop. Negative choices have negative consequences. IT'S YOUR CHOICE!! Think about it. ;-)

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