Andrew Jackson

ZERO because he destroyed the national bank

1)Andrew Jackson did not like the national bank he felt like the national bank was evil so he destroyed the bank. because the wealthy people were made at Andrews Jackson
2)Andrews Jackson made all the Cherokees move to Oklahoma. Because the Cherokees basely had there own country had there own gold cotton. Jackson made all of the Cherokees walk or ride to Oklahoma
3)also Andrews Jackson abused hes powers he had at being president. He never followed the rules he had. When the trail of tears happened the Jacksonian democracy said that he cant move them out ,they are there own country. But Andrews Jackson did it anyways


This political cartoon represent when Andrew Jackson when he made all the Cherokees leave there own country because he wanted the cotton and the gold they had so he made them move to Oklahoma
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Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency