A Great Start!

8th Grade

Nick is off to a great start!

Nick is headed in the right direction this year!! He has adjusted very well to being in 8th grade!! Nick says, " 8th grade is hard, but it's also fun!" "We are going to have a great year", says Ms. Fox. Mrs. Zoeller likes all the current events covered in Social Studies.

The Julian Chapter

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We have started to listen to The Julian Chapter, by PJ Palacio. This is a continuation of the "Wonder" series. This time we are listening to it on Audible--an app on the IPad which allows us to listen to books. The Julian Chapter has only been released in E book or audible book form. We are taking notes about this book!
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Bao Bao Turns One!

In August Bao Bao turned one!! We are continuing to learn about our favorite panda. This year we are taking notes on her behavior!!!
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The Watson's go to Birmingham

Our next book is going to be The Watsons Go to Birmingham. First we need to learn more about the civil rights movement!