explorer of land

Sacagawea was born in 1788 on May 17th. Her village was in the Rocky Mountains. Her tribe struggled to find food, so they had to move between homes to hunt for food. When Sacagawea was 12 Histan warriors invaded her tribe's village and kidnapped her. Sacagawea had to change her lifestyle because the tribe that kidnapped her grew crops, traded animal furs, and spoke in a different language. In her new tribe’s language, Sacagawea means “bird woman”. When Sacagawea was 15 years old she married a French fur trader named Charbonneau. One day two men named Lewis and Clark hired Charbonneau as an interpreter. Sacagawea decided to go along with them. Before Sacagawea left she had a son named Pompey. She left with Pompey and her husband on April 17, 1805 with Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery. During the Expedition the Corps of Discovery had a meeting with the Shoshone Indian chief. While the meeting was going on Sacagawea quickly realized it was her brother. After the Expedition Sacagawea returned to her Village in 1806. The following year after she returned from the expedition she had a daughter named Liette. Sadly Sacagawea died of a bad fever on December 20, 1812.

Sacagawea was known for helping the Corps of discovery. The Corps of Discovery would have died without Sacagawea because she helped them find food like nuts, berries, and plants for eating. She also helped them find plants for medicine. Sacagawea was a very good food gatherer. Her dream was to see the Pacific Ocean.To honer Sacagawea there is a golden coin with her and Pompey on it. She was on a coin before Lewis and Clark.

Sacagawea had many character traits.She was a brave lady because she left with the Corps of Discovery with her baby. She went into unknown land on the journey. She is also brave because one day when wind knocked boxes of important things into the water, everyone panicked, but Sacagawea was brave and grabbed everything. Sacagawea was also strong because she managed to take care of her baby during the expedition. One other reason she was strong is because she traveled by foot and boat for more there 2,600 miles. She was also was caring because she helped the Corps of Discovery find plants for food and medicine. Also because she went with the Corps of Discovery to help them.Now you know all about Sacagawea.