Winsor Faculty Newsletter

A Way to Keep Us All Connected

January Update

I hope everyone has had a wonderful break. As a means of keeping us all connected, you will be receiving a regular update from me. This will include items on both a school and district level, connected to both events and curriculum. This way, we can all stay in the current information loop about important happenings, both at Winsor and in Smithfield.

Responsive Classroom Update

By now, many of our educators have had the opportunity to see early RC adopters "In Action." For those that have yet to observe a Responsive Classroom at work, there will be more upcoming opportunities in January and beyond. As we move into the new year, the key indicators we will be looking for are:

1. Use of a school wide hand signal (such as Peace & Quiet used at morning meeting).

2. Use of energizers and brain breaks.

3. The welcoming of students into the building and classroom.

4. A special class signal, one verbal and one non-verbal, as a means of focusing attention on the speaker.

5.The use of wait time.

Due to the excellence of our team, these indicators can be seen every day. If you are not utilizing any of the above practices, please add the missing component(s) to your teaching tool box. As we learned in The Power of Our Words book club, these key pieces are very important to our students.

As I know there have been periodic questions about specific RC strategies, I've included a few links to help offer some additional information:

Responding to Misbehavior:

What may have changed after winter break:

Practicing self care:

Writing and Intervention Update

We covered a lot of ground during our December faculty meeting, particularly with regard to RICAS data and the most effective use of our intervention block. It has been great to see our educational team use this information to plan targeted writing instruction. As we move into January, continue to use targeted instruction to improve student writing performance.

Our January faculty meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, January 9th will explore our next steps in this process. Working together, I know we will continue to see our students thrive!

Winsor- Upcoming Events Calendar

1/4/19- Grade 5 Field Trip to Patriot Place

1/7/19-Radon Testing

1/9/19- Faculty Meeting

1/16/19- January PTO Meeting

1/22/19- Science Notebook Training

1/24/19- Student Recognition Assembly

1/25/19- School Spelling Bee