Wall St. in panic after the biggest crash in history

Date: November 1, 1929

On September of this year the stock market hit its highest point. Most of the market experienced the rise in stock prices, but then the prices started to slowly drop. A few days ago on October 23 the prices dropped sharply. The next day people tried to sell their stocks before the prices dropped to a low point. On that day over 12.9 million stocks were traded. The ignorance that us Americans had of this happening proved what the consequences would be.

A few days ago on October 29 investors sold 16.4 million shares of stocks but the prices were much lower than a month earlier. Finally after a big plunge the stock market crashed. This could lead into more terrible things if we don't act know. The banks demanded the people to pay back the money they borrowed from the banks. This major disaster will impact America like never before.

BY: Isaiah Taylor

Science and Technology

Edwin Hubble's Law

Edwin Hubble an American astronomer and cosmologist's new law in science. The law states that all objects seen in deep space have a Doppler shift observable relative velocity to Earth, and to each other; and that this Doppler-shift-measured velocity, of different galaxies receding from Earth, is proportional to their distance from Earth and all other interstellar bodies. In effect, the space-time volume of the universe we know now is expanding and Hubble's Law is the exact physical observation of the process.

Even though this is a good observation, it is just a physical observation and a theory. We can't tell if this process is actually happening because we could be moving and the other galaxies could be in place. The possibility of this theory actually being true is not definite because of the probability is so low; but that does not mean it is wrong. This is just a theory so we must be open minded to the possibilities of the different theories and ideas.

BY: Isaiah Taylor

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