"house of rock"


Government and MIllitary


Major Resources

Zimbabwe's major resources are gold, copper, and ivory. Another major resource was animal fur.

Trading Partners

The majority of Zimbabwe's trading partners are north east of Africa. Some of these are Arabia, Persia, India, and China.


There are no records of a currency during ancient time but seeing as gold was often found there it is safe to say that it is likely that they traded using gold bits.

Division of Social Classes/Workload

There was a large working class in Zimbabwe. Many archaeologists credit this country in their architectural skills and expert masonry. Large stone houses were constructed for the rich and Kings.

Cultural Customs


Their main language is Shona. An example of Shona is "Suwa Joradan's b shosha i nane."


Most of their food is made with a grain called maze.


They where headdresses, wrap around cloth, and large ornaments for earrings and necklaces.


They would worship Mwari.



Traditional Religions

The traditional religion for Zimbabwe as well as for many other African communities was African Traditional Religion or ATR.

Adopted Religions

Zimbabwe was heavily influenced by Islam in the later parts of their empire. They also adopted Rastafarianism and Satanism. Rastafarian's believe that the king of Ethiopia is God and that he will one day return and free the black Africans in exile. Satanists worship Satan.

Key Practices and Beliefs

A lot of their religions are based on references to their ancestors. They believe in prophecy and seeing the future. Their god is called Mwari. They also often practice divination and witchcraft.

Influences and Other Religions

They worship a single being whether its Allah, Mwari, or Satan.