"Making a Change"

Ally Morris, Aiden Kelly, Ivan M.

Short Passing Periods- A BIG Problem

A big problem we believe is at our school is too short of passing periods. This is because very short passing periods causes kids very big stress getting to the next class, and for some, going to there locker, and going to the bathroom under 4 minuets. We think that passing periods should be a relaxing time, or a time to refresh before and after a long, hard working class, but how could kids do this under 4 minuets? How about 10?


A Solution!

A solution to this problem is longer passing periods. This would serve multiple purposes. This would aide students with locker needs, restroom breaks, water necessities, and would avoid many unwanted tardies. This would also aide the teachers as well. By having a few extra minutes between classes, they can not only prepare for their next class, but they can also take a much needed restroom break. Teachers would also be able to focus on the lesson without the many frustrating interruptions due to students asking to go to their locker, or needing to go to the restroom.

Progressive Era Strategy

Do you know how hard it is to maneuver through a crowded hallway when you are carrying binders, tablets, and other supplies necessary for class? Kids are bumping into each other, because they are so rushed to get to class, and everyone is in a hurry.
Long gone are the "good ol days". Remember when students were respectful and friendly to each other in the halls between classes? In our current situation of shortened passing periods, kids have no time to be friendly, and the hustle and bustle in the hallway leads to disrespectful attitudes towards each other. To simply have the minimum of two more minutes of passing time added, many of the conflicts listed above would be resolved. Our school environment could return to the friendly and respectful place that it once was long ago.