Interior Design Career

Kitchen and Bath designer

Housing & Interior Design Career


Some colleges require a four-year bachelor's degree in design or architecture.

Potential Wages-

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics Kitchen and Bath designers make about $87,000 a year.

Things to Know-

You need to learn the basics for design. This includes building and construction, customer service, the English language, and administration and management.

Things You Need to be Able to Do-

Active listening, speaking out, reading comprehension, looking to help others, being perceptive of feelings, critical thinking, and having teamwork.

Fashion Institute of Technology

In New York


Certain tests, competencies, secondary school GPA, secondary school rank, record, and TOEFL.

Tuition costs-

Out of state is $28,523 altogether, $13,275 for tuition alone.

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The association I chose was The Kohler Company, which is under the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association), because I spend most of my time in the bathroom and kitchen and I would like to make those rooms look the best.