Nassau Notebook

Recording Outstanding Education

Volume IV, No. 10

Nassau County School District continues to have positive events occurring on our campuses. Take a look at some of the things that have happened recently.

What's the Forecast?

Using Groundhog's Day as a learning opportunity, Mrs. Sides' Kindergarten class made their own groundhogs and placed them on their "grassy hill". The Wildlight Trailblazers discovered how shadows are formed and forecasted when Winter will end and Spring will begin. Just like Punxsutawney Phil did, the students were excited to see that their Groundhogs could see their shadows. Students had been studying how the sun's rays can cause shadows to form on objects on the ground. They were less excited to predict that there would be 6 more weeks of Winter!
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Math in Action

Mrs. Albert and her 5th students at Emma Love Hardee Elementary are learning how to relate division and fractions. The students are using number lines to prove which two whole numbers the fraction is between.

Keeping the Beat

Mr. Johnson, Emma Love Hardee Elementary, is teaching Ms. Long's 4th students about how music is organized. Students were engaged by keeping the beat and listening to the different structures of the music.

100 Days Brighter

Mrs. Crowder's 1st-grade class at Yulee Primary School celebrated being “100 Days Brighter” by wearing bright colors and making a necklace made of 100 Fruit Loops.


Hilliard Flash Alumni

Hilliard Middle-Senior High School's School-Related Employee of the Year, Holden Whiten, was recently featured in the Nassau County Record. In the article, he shared his thoughts on his growth and success from being a part of the Hilliard community. Check out the article here!

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Zipline Robotics

The Middle School Robotics/STEM club at Hilliard Middle-Senior High School is using Legos to create a zipline. Students were experimenting with resistance, tension, gravity, and potential vs. kinetic energy. Students used the scientific method to make predictions, experiment, make revisions, and draw conclusions.

Members of the Robotics/STEM club are: Mrs. Kristen Ray (Coach), Luke Ray, Corbin Poteet, Jaiden Godron, Gage West, Kenli Haddock, Erin McCannell, Jaiden Kjensmo

Many Thanks!

Wildlight Elementary celebrated their fabulous Guidance Counselors, Mrs. Carr and Mrs. Parks, by decorating their office wall with “Thank You For Guiding Us in The Right Direction“. Their area was also covered with personal notes of encouragement and gratitude for that they bring to the students and staff of Wildlight Elementary.

Discovering DNA

Mrs. Thien's students, Callahan Middle School, are learning about DNA through building models and extracting it from broccoli and strawberries. Through these learning experiences, her students are realizing how important DNA is to everything living.


LifeSavers Serve Others

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The Hilliard schools recently combined efforts to thank healthcare workers for all of their hard work. The second-grade classes at Hilliard Elementary School partnered with the LifeSavers at Hilliard MIddle-Senior High to collect lotions, snacks, and other needs for nurses.

Then, the LifeSavers CNA Program delivered the collection of snacks and Thank You cards tothe nursing staff at St Vincent's Riverside as an appreciation for their hard work during COVID. The LifeSavers CNA Program is lead by Mrs. Cindy McClanathan with Mrs. Mosley and Mrs. Pittman as sponsers.

Beginning with Botley

One of Callahan Elementary's 2nd-grade teachers, Mrs. Rhoads, received a Botley Coding Robot through the SWFLANT grant. In combination with recent studies on procedural texts, the class the manual provided with Botley to practice procedural text skills in a real-world application. Students learned about the functions of the remote and how to plan a coding procedure for Botley to follow. The students were so excited!

They will continue to improve their coding skills and incorporate obstacles that Botley will have to maneuver around. Mrs. Rhoads stated, "Thank you, SWFLANT at Kings Bay, for providing my students will a fun tool to help practice their reading, science, and problem-solving skills!"

Yulee Farmers

Students in Mrs. Anderson's 1st-grade class at Yulee Primary School had a great time exploring farm life. During their recent Author Study Week, Doreen Cronin filled their classroom with Farmer Brown and very opinionated farm animals. It was a week filled with reading, painting, and laughter.

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